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[31.] Bill Hunter, "Fighting the Fertile Grapevine,"Communication World, September, 1984, pp. 13-16.

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By definition, grapevine is a form of informal communication that is usually based on rumors
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Since the grapevine arises from social interactions, it is asfickle, dynamic, and varied as people are. It is the expressionof their natural motivation to communicate. It is the exercise oftheir freedom of speech and is a natural, normal activity. Thegrapevine starts early in the morning in the car pools. onceeveryone has arrived at work, grapevine activity takes placenearly all day long down hallways, around corners, in meetings,and especially by the coffee machine. The peak time of the daysare breaks and lunch hour during which management has little orno control over the topics of conversation. In the late afternoonthe work day has finished but the grapevine has not. After ashort time interval, some employees meet again. They are oncompany softball teams, golf leagues, and bowling teams. Thegrapevine at that time goes into full swing again and remainsactive with one final activity peak at a local bar. The followingday, the cycle is repeated. It is the wide range of locationswhere the grapevine takes place in combination with the fact thatgrapevine participants come from informal social groups withinthe organization which points out it's difference from formalmanagement communication. Structured management uses verbalmessages to communicate through the chain of command, whilegrapevine communication jumps from one department to another andfrom any level of management to another. It moves up, down,horizontally, vertically and diagonally all within a short spanof time. The grapevine, as communication, can be compared to theorganizations formal information network.

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Business Communication is goal oriented
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This may sound very simple, however we should remember that" the grapevine is fast-paced and generally moves, free oforganizational restraints, by word of mouth."


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Earlier, business communication was limited to paper-work, telephone calls etc
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The formal network, made up of memos, reports, staff meetings,department meetings, conferences, company newsletters andofficial notices is highly documented and as such has very littlechance for change. However, nearly all of the information withinthe grapevine is undocumented and is thereby open to change andinterpretation as it moves through the network. It often travelsfaster than formal channels. The grapevine is very useful insupplementing formal channels. It provides people with an outletfor their imaginations and apprehensions as well. It also helpssatisfy a natural desire to know what is really going on. Theprimary objective of this article is to develop a conceptualmodel to be tested later. The article defines tile term rumor/grapevine, discusses reasons for grapevine, exploreshowaccurate is grapevine, type of grapevine, how grapevine isspread, role of various participants and how to manage thegrapevine. Dealing effectively with the grapevine is a challengethat will always be a part of a manager's job. Those who are ableto understand the power of the grapevine will be better preparedto utilize it to provide stability and credibility in the workenvironment that is needed in order to achieve organizationalgoals.

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Vanessa Arnold contends that "Managers interested increating effective organizational communication will useinformation from the grapevine to improve communicationthroughout the firm."[26]

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1. Bridgers or Key Communicators - Bridgers or keycommunicators receive and pass information to others. Thesepeople are the ones primarily responsible for the success of thegrapevine. Bridgers[25]--are the passers-along; the liaisons of rumors,also called KC's, as explained by Sutton. "KeyCommunicator" is the term that is given to this type ofindividual who is responsible for initially sending informationinto various networks.

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Each type of individual can easily be identified in thecommunication mains previously illustrated. It should also benoted that people are more active on the grapevine when theirfriends and colleagues are actively involved.

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In addition to identifying certain structured patterns,research has also given us some other facts and descriptions, Ithas been discovered that only 10% of all the individuals in anorganization are highly active participants in the grapevine. Thetypes of individuals relative to rumors,have been identified. The three are bridgers, baggers, andbearers. Most employees fall into one of the three (3) basiccategories as they relate to the grapevine.

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1. Ignore the grapevine, be no part of it. This is difficultin most organizations, but can be accomplished. They do their joband let it operate unnoticed around them. In effect they becomean "isolate. "