• 5. Who is the strongest character in the play?
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  • Jacques speaks with the Businessman

Moreover, Tom supported the family for a long time working at a job he hated and postponing what he really wanted to do.

3. Which character made you feel the most uncomfortable?

Amanda wouldn't stop talking and was interfering and controlling.

This is a memory play and it is through Tom's memory that we see everything.
Michael Urie (Buyer & Cellar, Ugly Betty) stars as Hamlet under the illustrious direction of Michael Kahn. Together, they’ll give life to the greatest character of Western literature as he confronts the line between madness and inspiration.

(Some teenagers find that their parents make their lives intolerable.

Why did you feel uncomfortable and why did the playwright make the character like that?
Academy Award® nominee UMA THURMAN stars in THE PARISIAN WOMAN, a new play written by Academy Award® and Emmy® Award nominee BEAU WILLIMON ("House of Cards") and directed by Tony Award® winner PAM MacKINNON (Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?).


Would Tom have eventually left home and joined the Merchant Marine?

These qualities dramatize the fact that living in the household was intolerable for Tom.
The Secretary first appears in of the manga, watching Weiss' combat training. They emptily praise Weiss' skill with her weapon and but says that she must continue to devote herself in her studies at Atlas Academy. When Weiss states that she has already decided to study at Beacon in Vale, the Secretary attempts to persuade her not to. After Weiss refuses, the Secretary instead unleashes a dangerous , which Weiss must fight as part of a dangerous test created by her father.

In , as the fight continues, the Secretary continues to try to manipulate Weiss by claiming that her father loves her very much, and that she should stay and support him since her sister Winter has left home. However, Weiss refuses to be manipulated and shouts at them to stop. After Weiss defeats the Arma Gigas, the Secretary accompanies Weiss to a sudden charity concert. When Weiss wonders out loud if her father ever knew how hard she was devoted to being the best, the Secretary assures her that he knew very well.

Amanda had very little to do with it, except to delay it.

This unnamed Schnee Corp Operator appears in "A Minor Hiccup", answering Weiss' call to SDC headquarters in Atlas. She is at first surprised to see Weiss, but she reluctantly acquiesces to her request for some sensitive documents. She offers to patch Weiss through to Jacques Schnee, her father and to , her sister, but Weiss turns down both of these offers.

He knows that he needed to do it.

But, as this statement points out, there is an important relationship because if you distance yourself in terms of location, you distance yourself in terms of time as well.

He feels very guilty about it, especially about leaving his sister.

The Trophy Wife and Husband show up in "Tipping Point" and are present during the Schnee Dust Company's charity event, discussing the attack of Vale and how the Kingdom got what it deserved. Weiss overhears their conversation and becomes enraged. She begins yelling at them and the other guests. Under emotional stress, Weiss summons a white that charges towards the Trophy Wife. James Ironwood saves the woman before it can attack her. She demands that Weiss should be arrested, but Ironwood scorns the crowd instead.

7. Amanda Wingfield says that she is bewildered by life.

(Do what you are supposed to do; Persevere: keep on trying!; Always do your best; Use self-control; Be self-disciplined; Think before you act -- consider the consequences; Be accountable for your choices)

See the and Question #6 above.

But she made a bad choice and her husband left her.

While their relationship is based on a false pretense of politeness, Weiss actually has a very low opinion of the Secretary, whom she regards as a puppet of her father. In turn, the Secretary has very little genuine concern for the heiress and has no qualms callously placing her in great danger at her father's orders.