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In order to become a general manager of a sports team, an individual needs to have a solid background in both business and sports.

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The Best Hotel General Manager I ever met accepts responsibility for top-line revenue.
By contrast, there are many mediocre people that have been guided to lofty success by great general managers. As a corporate vice president, I always found it interesting to see whether or not a general manager got involved in sales training programs.

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The fact is that many general managers feel a detachment from their hotel’s revenue lines.
The best general manager takes on the sales role, where there is no sales team, through intense community involvement, reading to find new ideas, and constantly seeking ways to improve business.


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The best general manager leads morning sales meetings; displaying his/her personal involvement.
Understanding comes from listening, not from smooth talk. For those of you who expected me to actually name the best general manager I ever met, I assure you that I have met a few managers who deserve this title.

The best general manager I ever met functions as the true director of sales.
The job of a general manager is to develop methods that help a team's staff and players reach the organization's goals. A general manager, often abbreviated GM, works to create the best team possible for the public's entertainment and establishes a networking relationship with the community. A general manager that has served with the organization for a number of years may accompany the team while traveling, but he or she spends most of the time working in the team's front office. Employment in this field has risen significantly in the past five years and is expected to surge greatly by the years 2016-17.

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General managers are responsible for the negotiating of player contracts, including the signing, drafting, trading, and waiving of players. They are also liable for the salaries of coaches, assistants and players along with the budget for travel, equipment, and uniform expenses. They speak at press conferences and allocate additional funds for player injury and costs incurred due to an extended season. General managers should be approachable, well-respected, have a administrative background, and demonstrate promotional skills. The average starting for general managers is $75,000, but it can reach as much as $250,000 or more. While general managers work along with sports agents, their jobs are not the same. General managers ensure that their client receives the best opportunity to achieve their full potential, while sports agents focus solely on finding employment and conciliating contracts.

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General managers should have some playing and/or coaching experience at every level possible in the sport they plan to manage. Earning a degree in sports management is helpful in commencing a career as a general manager. A degree in physical education and business and some knowledge pertaining to contract law, economics, and is recommended. Being able to communicate concisely and effectively along with the ability to analyze information quickly is an essential skill for general managers.

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Leading practices are generally processes, practices, and systems that, through testimonial evidence, literature review, and case studies are determined to have helped organizations improve their performance in specific areas.
The practices presented in these Key Issue pages help federal managers and decision makers: Because organizations are diverse and complex, leading or even best practices for one organization may not work for another and agencies need to carefully consider which ones might help them improve.