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Gender and education mythbustersChallenges common misconceptions about gender and school achievement, citing relevant research.

These gender-neutral schools want to crush stereotypes …

These gender-neutral schools want to crush stereotypes - …

Will the Trump Administration Push Back Against Transgender Ideology in Schools?
Diversity Role Models
Providing fun and educational classroom workshops in primary and secondary schools led by LGBT+ and straight ally role models to help prevent homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying, challenge stereotypes, and celebrate difference.

LGBTQ Definitions for Adults | Welcoming Schools

Gender Stereotypes Definition Psychology - Free worksheets library - Download and print
Breaking the Mould
These free and downloadable resources are the result of the NUT’s work with five primary schools over two years, examining how ‘traditional’ gender stereotypes could be challenged in nursery and primary classrooms.


Definitions help make conversations easier and more comfortable

Gender Stereotypes - a competition! Highland Learning for Sustainability
The question of how gender differences arise is a central topic in psychology. Experts agree that nature (i.e., biology) and nurture (i.e., environment) act together in reciprocally causal, interactive ways to produce gender differences.1 The experiences afforded to girls and boys within schools are known to affect gender differentiation both directly, by providing differential skill practice and reinforcement,2 and indirectly, by providing input that leads children to actively socialize themselves along gender-differentiated pathways.3

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There is evidence that gender stereotyping is common among counselors and that they often steer females away from certain college preparatory courses, especially in mathematics and the sciences (Eitzen, 2000:259).

Many people are afraid of saying the wrong thing

ATL Safer Schools
A network of leading organisations, practitioners, and academics to help direct educational professionals, parents and young people to resources and support on varied topics including anti-bullying, Islamophobia, Female Genital Mutilation and teenage relationships.

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Promoting Equality
Mark Jennett provides consultancy to the education section. Specialisms include advancing gender and sexualities equality and eliminating discrimination in schools, and developing effective anti-bullying practices and inclusive curricula.

NASSPE: Research > Single-Sex vs. Coed: The Evidence

Stonewall Education Programmes
Programmes for local authorities, academy chains and schools offering bespoke guidance in tackling gender stereotyping and homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying.

Sociology of Gender – The Other Sociologist

Exposing gender stereotypes – classroom resource
This Canadian lesson plan was taken from the award-winning Violence-Prevention Curriculum Healthy Relationships, produced by the Halifax, Nova Scotia advocacy group Men For Change. (for grades 8 and 9, equivalent to Years 9 and 10 in the UK)

The examples I cover are focused on experiences of otherness

Gender issues in schools – what works to improve achievement for boys and girls
Review of research in this area, concluding that attempts to support boys’ achievement by creating more ‘boy friendly’ curricula are not just ineffective, but counterproductive if they reinforce stereotypes.