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Mary Brinton answers questions about how the United States compares to other countries on women, the workplace, and pay.

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How Workplace Gender Diversity Continued To Evolve In …

How to Promote Gender Equality in Your Workplace
With women still paid only 80 cents for every dollar paid to men, it’s clear that we have a long way to go to make the workplace fair for women in the United States.

Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

the gender workplace struggle is ..
We don’t have to bring down the system of capitalism, we have to progress it to provide gender equality, essentially stamping out misogyny and patriarchal bias.


Gender Equality In The Workplace Can Boost Profits | HuffPost

The estimated 17-cent gender pay gap for all workers in 2015 has narrowed, from 36 cents in 1980.
Which is even more reason for men to jump on and say: actually, I am tired of my gender being a capitalist market as well and my gender does not come with a set of prescribed behaviours I must abide by, to be considered a success within my gender class, so no thank you I will not buy your vagina spray or $26,000 handbag or $100 mascara.[Kate Bailey]Read more articles from the Capitalism and Patriarchy series .

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Your choice in vocation has disqualified your opinion as a 1) woman 2) ‘productive’ member of society 3) successful human and, PS, as the primary gender workers of this industry we reject your contribution or gain from this, in a capitalist.

How Workplace Gender Diversity Continued To Evolve …

Perhaps, though, is the very disturbing fact that women are a capitalist target – in fact, our gender makes us capitalist targets regardless of woman or man, but let’s delve into how capitalism turns women into an industry, in the wrong way.

Capitalism ensures woman are being sold to at all times, most often things that reiterate our womanhood.