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Information on the Gender Recognition Act and the background to this historic piece of legislation.
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1.24 We examined progress toward meeting the federal commitment to implement GBA in seven departments; the Department of Finance Canada, the Department of Justice Canada, Health Canada, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC), Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC), Transport Canada, and Veterans Affairs Canada. We expected to find that each of the organizations we examined could provide evidence that they had developed and implemented a framework for performing GBA. A sound GBA framework could include policies, defined roles and responsibilities, tools and methodologies, training, a champion, and evaluation of the effectiveness of GBA practices. These are key elements mentioned in the 1995 Federal Plan for Gender Equality and in the tools developed by Status of Women Canada.

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Chapter 1—Gender-Based Analysis
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The moral that Mill draws is that equal rights should prevail in theabsence of any good evidence about the way in which natural assets andpotential capacities are distributed by gender. Equality is thepresumption, even if it is a rebuttable presumption, and thepresumption can only be rebutted on the basis of adequate empiricalevidence (262).


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2009 Spring Report of the Auditor General of Canada Chapter 1—Gender-Based Analysis
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One cannot properly appreciate the development of Mill's moral andpolitical philosophy without some understanding of his intellectualbackground. Mill was raised in the tradition of PhilosophicalRadicalism, made famous by Jeremy Bentham (1748–1832), JohnAustin (1790–1859), and his father James Mill (1773–1836),which applied utilitarian principles in a self-conscious and systematicway to issues of institutional design and social reform. Utilitarianismassesses actions and institutions in terms of their effects on humanhappiness and enjoins us to perform actions and design institutions sothat they promote—in one formulation, maximize—humanhappiness. Utilitarianism was a progressive doctrine historically,principally because of its universal scope—itsinsistence that everyone's happiness matters—and itsegalitarian conception of impartiality—its insistencethat everyone's happiness matters equally. Because of these generalcharacteristics of utilitarianism, the Radicals' application ofutilitarian principles to social institutions tended to challengetraditional institutions of class and privilege and support egalitarianreforms.

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The IPU held a seminar for the Parliament of Benin to help strengthen the legislative drafting capacity of parliamentary staff and Members of Parliament. The seminar, attended by about 40 staff, took place on 26 and 27 September 2017. It was followed by an information session for Members of Parliament on 28 September at the National Assembly in Porto-Novo. The seminar was given by Ibrahima Niane, Parliamentary Law and Practice Consultant and formerly head of the legislative services of the National Assembly of Senegal, and Alphonse Nombre, MP and former Secretary General of the National Assembly of Burkina Faso. This approach..

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1.66 Treasury Board analysts examining TB submissions are to include considerations of gender-based analysis (if relevant) as part of their challenge role. In assessing a submission’s quality, for example, TBS analysts are supposed to examine whether the originating department has considered questions concerning gender and diversity throughout the analysis, clearly presented the gender and diversity implications, made recommendations that support gender equality, and provided evidence of how gender impacts are in line with other government priorities. Senior management is responsible for ensuring that analysts perform their GBA challenge role properly.

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1.52 Over the years, the government has created a number of interdepartmental committees and working groups to support the implementation of GBA and gender equality:

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1.50 A number of factors originating at the centre of government may impede the implementation of GBA. As stated earlier, there is no government-wide policy requiring that GBA be performed. Furthermore, officials in departments expressed concern over the leadership of the central agencies in promoting GBA and noted the need for better guidance and clearer communication of expectations from the centre to improve the reporting of gender impacts. The 2007 revised Guide to Preparing Treasury Board Submissions reminded departments and agencies that GBA information is expected to be included in submissions. Although the template for preparing an MC includes gender impacts as a consideration to be reported, when appropriate, the new 2008 Guide to Drafting Memoranda to Cabinet has not clarified how and when gender impacts are to be considered and reported to Cabinet in support of policy proposals.