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One of the most common stumbling blocks to launching a passion-based life is figuring out what you're passionate about in the first place

I asked this question in my last post about life, death and passion

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I started by asking the four school-aged kids residing under the same roof as me, and then moved on to my closest friends. Results of asking look like this:In doing an activity with my students about finding their passion to give them their ticket to ride to their Grand Destination (a writing activity that can be found in the section of this blog), I had to finally take my own advice and ask those around me what they saw as the top four things I know about and could teach to someone else.

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It’s been a thought in my head — turning over and over and over thanks to my OCD. I have obsessed over the thought of having my own blog where I could . . . what? What information or advice could I, a mom of five and a junior high English teacher, possibly write about? How can I reign in all the things I want to read, write, talk, and share about? In my head, it looks something like a wordle.


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Do you ever find yourself wondering what your true purpose is in life? Whether you're in the right job, or engaged in the best hobbies to fit your unique character? This quiz combines the leading personality type theories to show you how to find your passion - and use it to turn your dreams into reality.