• This runs through many of his films.
  • Dreams run through the films of Luis Buñuel.
  • Spirals run through the films of Joseph H.

One could write a whole article about peaked roofs in Lewis, which run through at least 36 of Lewis films, from his first to his last.

Bird imagery runs through the film:

Water imagery runs through the Lang films of this period.

Circles, cylinders and spheres run throughout this film, oftenarranged concentrically:
With a high sense of urgency in the story, you would think that there would be little time for niceties such as character development. True, most of the time that Lola is on the screen is spent running, but Tykwer throws in a few character moments for good measure. These include a couple of subdued scenes of Lola and Manni discussing their relationship (sandwiched between each alternate scenario), and the discussions that Lola has with her father. These interludes not only allow the audience to catch their breath from the frenzied barrage of sounds and images of Lola's run (and thus prevent it from becoming monotonous), but they also provide the much-needed emotional hooks such that the audience actually cares about the outcome of Lola's twenty-minute workout.

is full of a kind of imagery that runs through other Lewis films: .

Portrait paintings are also a major motif running through the whole genre of film noir.
A whopping94 of them are concentrated in just five scenes; these five scenesrun a total of 8:28 (508 seconds), around one third of the film,and have an ASL of 5.3 seconds per shot.


The boy Tobias is one of several that run through Lewis' films.

A difference: in , the color film shows us the red trunks and green branches of the trees.
In a similar fashion to Krzysztof Kieslowski's "", "Run Lola Run" also demonstrates the intricate web of unseen connections that bind us all. As Lola runs past the various people she meets along the way, the film takes an aside to show what happens to that person after their brief brush with the heroine. While some find true love, fame, and fortune, others die horribly in car accidents, suffer from drug overdoses, or simply kill themselves. With each altered scenario, the destiny of each person changes as a result of their contact with Lola, sometimes for the better, and sometimes for the worse. And where the script really shines is when it cleverly illustrates the profound (and often ironic) consequences of slight alterations in Lola's path, some of which are played to great comic effect (including a sequence involving the old movie cliché of the dangers of carrying a large sheet of glass across a road).

"Run Lola Run" is a thrilling experiment in narrative structure and presentation that must be seen to be believed. Crafted with every cinematic technique in the book, packed with some unforgettable gee-whiz moments, and executed at blazing speed, this German import is not your run-of-the-mill three-act structure film. See Lola run... in "Run Lola Run".

After this, the film runs out of story ideas.

She's running because she's got twenty minutes to raise 100,000 deutchmarks (it's a German film, they don't have dollars, Sparky) or her boyfriend gets his major organs heavily ventilated by large bald Germans.

An image that runs throughout Lewis films is a .

With such a threadbare plot, it sounds as though "Run Lola Run" would be nothing more than a short film. However, Tykwer throws in a number of twists that expand an otherwise limiting premise. Instead of seeing Lola accomplish the apparently impossible merely once, we are treated to three possibilities, each with slight variations and markedly different outcomes. Sometimes her banker father is in a bad mood, and sometimes he is not even there. Sometimes Lola stumbles into a woman with a stroller, and sometimes she misses her completely. In one instance, Lola arrives to see Manni holding up the supermarket, and in another she stops him in time. Like last year's "", three distinct alternate realities are presented, advancing the film's theme of the interplay between fate, destiny, and the choices we make.

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Characters like the janitor, with his penchant for Korean dog soup, also leave an unforgettable impression.My favorite part of this film, though, are the small details scattered throughout: an erratic jazz soundtrack; the predominance of the color yellow; rolling pears; abrupt cuts to airplanes or imaginary cheering crowds; a dispute resolved by a roll of toilet paper; and the hauntingly-narrated tale of "Boiler Kim." The strength of this, Bong Joon-ho's debut feature, was foreshadowed in 1995 by his amazing short film , in which a series of professors are caught in shameful acts unbecoming of their status.

Run Lola Run is a film you expect to see at a ..

And although Byun is nowhere close to adding a regal "von" to his name, I get enough out of the film to feel as if I didn't waste my time while relaxing in the unnatural natural light of the cathode ray tube emanating from my TV, hearing the natural sounds of my landlord's kids running around upstairs, all while propped up on the futon and chair cum ottoman props on location at my apartment.