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Ken Burns’ mammoth documentary about the war in Vietnam is on Blu-ray and DVD this week, along with the most recent seasons of several popular TV series.

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The Fictional Nuke Film That Won the Oscar for Best Documentary The BBC made ‘The War Game’ then suppressed it for 20 years
- More than 900 strikingphotographs and a detailed text about the Vietnam war, its Zippo cigarette lighters, and theircurrent values comprise this important new book.


Last Train To Clarksville by The Monkees Songfacts

Ehrhart, called "one of the great poets and writers of nonfiction produced by theVietnam War" by The Nation, here presents 43 essays, whose topics include not only the Gulf,Vietnam, and Korean wars, the conflict between Israel and Palestine, war and journalism, andAmerican war poetry, but also junk mail, the Internet, the IRS, tugboats, drawbridges, racerelations, the justice system, health care, and small town life in America, nicotine addiction, thebravado of youth, honesty and American culture, the rhetoric of national mythology, andpresidential isolation, among others.

Morethan 50 historic photos document their work - Publisher's List Price =$55 -Our Price - $52Michael Herr - DISPATCHES - Knopf, NY 1977 - FINE Condition -1st Edition in Dust Jacket (small piece of tape on spine) (All Our DJs are protected in NewBrodart DJ Covers) - The most collectible book on the Vietnam War - Key to any collection-$75 Hogue, Richard F.

Boyce and Hart wrote this as a protest to the Vietnam War

The reader lives the experience alongside the author, gaining a true sense of thepulse-pounding contact, surrealism, pathos, humor, and beauty that defined one of the low pointsof the American experience - Publisher's ListPrice = $29.95 -Our Price - $26.95Cummings, Delano - MOON DASH WARRIOR - Signal Tree -BRAND N EW Hardcover in Dust Jacket (Protected in a New Brodart Cover) - SIGNED BYTHE AUTHOR - The story of a Lumbee Indian from North Carolina who served 3 tours inVietnam - one in the infantry and two in recon - $45Currey, Cecil B./ Keegan, John (Foreword By) - Victory at Any Cost : TheGenius of Vietnam's General Vo Nguyen Giap (Warriors) - Potomac Books - BRANDNEW SOFTCOVER - 401pp - Photos - $9Cutler, Thomas J.

James Brown, Vietnam and Race - Next Avenue

- BROWN WATER, BLACK BERETS : COASTAL ANDRIVERINE WARFARE IN VIETNAM - Naval Institute Press - 1st Edition - 426pp -FINE Condition Hardcover in FINE Dust jacket (Protected in a New Brodart Cover) - Photos -Index - SIGNED BY the author - $55Cutler, Thomas J.

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After reading O'Brien's story "A True War Story" from The Things They Carried, students choose a powerful event from their own lives and map it using the Timeline Tool. They then create a fictional version of this event.

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.ANDYOUNG - Harper Collins - BRAND NEW Softcover - 483pp - Index - Photos - Maps -Oneof the best reads on Vietnam - You will understand just how tough the Viet Cong were - wellequipped and willing todo whatever it took to defeat our troops in battle - not just some simplepeasants in black pajamas as often portrayed by the press during the war - now released as amovie with Mel Gibson, this story had to be told - even if some 37 years later - $16Roy D.