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In a desperate effort to obtain this promised position of King, Macbeth takes his fate in his own hands....

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Macbeth and Fate [This is an annotated list of passages related to Macbeth's struggle with fate.]
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Whatever indigenous/pagan beliefs and practicesmay really have existed in Macbeth's Scotland,the "witches" of the play are obviously there for their role inMacbeth's fictionalized story.

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Macbeth Throughout the ages it is believed fate, by some uncontrollable force, has the power to forge one's destiny. The outcome of a person's choices is
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For example before Macbeth killed the king his mind was causing him to hallucinate when he saw the bloody dagger guiding him towards Duncan room “And on thy blade and dudgeon gouts of blood /which was not so before there no such thing / thus mine eyes.” Macbeth is so stressed about the picture of the bloody dagger....


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May 05, 2014 · Shakespeare's Macbeth poses the question: to what extent are we products of Fate? The impact of external forces and the …
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It details the life of the Macbeth, a brave and noble man who is described as ‘Bellona’s bridegroom’ (1.3.54), specifically the events after he meets three supernatural creatures who tell him about his fate.

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The ambition of three characters in the play MacBeth was a key factor in the outcome of their fate, MacBeth's ambition for the throne of Scotland, Lady Macbeth's ambition for her husband to have power, and Banquo's lack of ambition for himself.

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The first example is Duncan, who is a good man but not a perfect king. Macbeth pays tribute to his personal qualities when he considers in his soliloquy that Duncan has done nothing to deserve his fate: However, as a king, Duncan has the fatal flaw of being over trusting and gullible. After being taken in by the traitorous Thane of Cawdor, he transfers the title to Macbeth who will prove even more treacherous. Similarly, when Duncan comes to Macbeth's castle he misjudges the atmosphere and sees it as a place where the air smells .

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Duncan's son Malcolm is depicted as the perfect king. In his testing of Macduff, he lists the , such as justice, verity, temperance, mercy, lowliness etc., showing his awareness of how a king should be. He has his father's noble character but without Duncan's fatal flaw of gullibility. He tells Macduff that he is aware Macbeth has tried to entice him back to Scotland to his death, and shrewdly tests Macduff for signs of being a dishonest flatterer. A metaphor describes Malcolm's healing role: he will be for his country. He restores order to Scotland after the disruption caused by Macbeth.