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Interesting alcohol facts for kids and adults. We showcase the facts about alcohol including its definition, effects, types, calories, history and more.

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20 Sobering Facts About Alcohol | Factual Facts
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The following statistics on drug and alcohol abuse show the scope of the addiction problem in the United States. City Vision University's addiction studies program will help you so you can transform the lives of drug and alcohol addicts.

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Alcohol is the most highly abused drug in the United States. According a 2012 study by the National Institutes of Health, 7.2 percent of American adults have an alcohol use disorder. This is more than 27 million individuals. , you are certainly not alone.


Alcoholism and Alcohol Addiction

Alcoholism Facts & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers
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Kathleen Esposito is a certified addictions counselor in the Pacific Northwest. She helps individuals recover from drug, alcohol and gambling dependencies through group and individual therapy and regularly speaks at treatment centers.

Get honest and reliable facts about alcohol to help you make better choices about your drinking.
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