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The recognition of specific European ancestry allows Euro-Americans to become aware that they come from a variety of different cultures.

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In the 1960s, Mexican Americans and African Americans started exploring their cultural traditions as the ideal of cultural pluralism took hold.
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Older Asian Indian immigrants are often financially dependent on their children. They face the challenges of a culturally different society, such as a language barrier, culture mismatch, new lifestyle factors, and role reversal. In traditional Indian society, extended family members usually live together as a single-family unit. Often, the husband's parents will join the family after they have retired or when help is needed. The grandparents' role in raising the children is highly respected, and they form the linkage to the Indian culture, religion, and heritage.


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It is important to note that breakdowns of the Euro-American population into sub-components is a difficult and rather arbitrary exercise.
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Not every culture reveres the sun as Americans do. In our recent trip to Chengdu, China with a stopover in Hong Kong, we saw hundreds of people, women especially, blocking light on a daily basis.

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Over time, as more and more species of largegame vanished -- whether from overhunting or natural causes --plants, berries and seeds became an increasingly important partof the early American diet.

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Many European-Americans in Minnesota and the nation follow the Western Pattern Diet (or Standard American Diet), characterized by high consumption of red meat, high-fat salty foods, processed foods, sugary desserts, and often alcohol. According to the Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, one-third of an American’s daily calories comes from fast foods and other junk foods. This diet is low in the fiber, complex carbohydrates, plant-based foods, vitamins, and minerals provided by fresh fruits, vegetables, whole-grain foods, and fish.

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Associated with the Western diet is epidemic obesity and chronic disease, resulting in illness and death from diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer. In the 1800s and early 1900s when Minnesotans lived a primarily agricultural life, heart attacks were unheard of. By 1960, heart disease accounted for more than 500,000 deaths per year nationally. By 2006, heart disease accounted for more than 631,636 deaths per year.

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The educational documentaries in Exploring Inuit Culture Online are authentic representations of Inuit life, filmed through the eyes of the Inuit themselves. Two episodes are historical dramas, recreating life in the Arctic 60 years ago, and three episodes depict contemporary life in Nunavut.

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5. List and explain at least three ways culturally appropriate end of life care may differ for Asian Indian elders compared to older Americans from European backgrounds.