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Kaiser uses employee shaming in Colorado. Workers whom do not take the flue shot have to wear a red scarlet dot on their badge. More patients than ever before are saying they don’t want the flue shot. The industry response; Force them to take it through tyrannical laws and regulations. My wife is an A rated worker and has received accolades and best employee rewards as a medical assistant. She is the go to person quite often, and has best rooming stats and all around skills, etc. She’s unable to pursue a career move to LPN or RN, because it is actually impossible to get through school and then also impossible to enter and maintain those positions, unless you agree to every single vaccine without question. This is how the industry has propagated the lies for this long, they bar entry from anyone whom may be well informed about medicine before they seek education. If you are reading this, please, where can we turn to get RN and LPN education without having to take every single shot, and which companies hire without such restrictions? We should be supporting the ethical companies first. I continue to knock down the flue shot tiny yard stand at king soopers, and now I’m thinking of even just taking it home and trashing it. The grocery store has no business practicing medicine or advocating for medical practice. All pharmaceutical ads should be banned from television. Are Americans so stupid they will actually ask for a medication where the solicitation commercial consists of 10 seconds of benefit, and 2 minutes of deadly side effect disclosure? Pharmaceutical advertisement is basically an admission of how dangerous these products are and why nobody should select them in the first place.

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Exclusions apply to products with limited shelf life which includes but are not limited to batteries, cASE STUDIES IN PHARMACY ETHICS PDF DOWNLOAD smoke detectors or chemical-based products, which must be returned within 90 days of the original order date.


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