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The side plot takes in Ifemelu’s high school sweetheart, Obinze, and his journey to immigrate to the UK that doesn’t go nearly as smoothly as hers. And while the book isn’t perfect — I couldn’t stand a lot of Ifemelu’s choices, particularly when she was incredibly hurtful to so many of the men in her life — it brought to light a lot of thoughts about race in America that I had never considered.

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Elena Ferrante is a mystery in Italy. Her name is a pseudonym and she hasn’t revealed anything about her identity beyond that she’s female and a mother. Some people thought she was a famous male Italian author, but I guarantee that’s not the case. There is no way on this Earth any man could write about female friendship like that.


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Hanging out with the Chiang Mai travel bloggers. What a difference five years makes. Chiang Mai has always been a popular spot for travel bloggers to put down roots for awhile (due to the extensive Western amenities yet super-cheap prices) but as travel blogging has grown as a profession, so has the number of bloggers calling this city home. Nimman Road almost felt like Blogger Disneyland. We had dinners, parties, and bar nights out almost every day.

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She used to live in that same neighborhood as the couple, with her ex-husband. Oh, and she stalks her ex-husband. She calls him all the time. She harasses his new wife. And the night of the woman’s disappearance, she was in their neighborhood, and only remembers fragments of that evening.

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Taking place in suburban southern England, Rachel is a newly divorced severe alcoholic who is losing everything in her life, yet spends each day watching a couple as her train passes their home each day. (Also, she’s taking the train to the city for a job from which she’s been fired, due to her alcoholism.) Then one day, the woman in the couple turns up missing.

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It’s “the next Gone Girl” and one of the biggest hits of the year. Like its predecessor, I whipped through it and couldn’t put it down.

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The narrator is wholly unlikable — but she is an unreliable narrator unlike anyone I’ve ever read. Piecing back the night of the woman’s disappearance, she starts to unravel increasingly sinister truths. This book will reel you in.

I threw him twenty euros and ran toward my apartment.

The point of view of a NAB (non-American black) is one I had never read before — imagine growing up mostly unaware of American racism and then arriving in America and having to learn everything at once as you navigate through life. The book tells her story through a series of vignettes that parallel her life as she becomes a prominent blogger on race in America.

“Yeah, but I was inebriated!” he protested. This kid.

This book came suggested to me after my friend ‘s talk on privilege and travel at the Women in Travel Summit. This book tells the story of Ifemelu, a Nigerian woman who moves to the United States for university and stays long-term. (“Americanah” is a term meaning a Nigerian who comes home after spending extended time in the States.)