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Escape Reality Delaware. Saturday 12pm - 7pm | Sunday 12pm - 6pm. Located at 27 Rehoboth Ave (Across from The Grandstand) ESCAPE REALITY MARYLAND. Monday - …

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Real Escape Game originates from Japan and is a game translated from virtual (online games) to reality. This game requires you and your team to solve mysteries and clues within a time limit to escape from a room. The concept allows for participants to feel like they are characters in a video game or movie. The uniqueness is that you are actually physically inside the story. When you read books, you can imagine. When you play online, you can be drawn in, but you are not physically in the story. In this game you can enjoy it both physically and realistically.

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Xcape Singapore is The First, The Largest & The Most Popular Reality Room Escape Game in Singapore with Hollywood’s touch and feel. With a commitment to providing city dwellers with a novel concept of entertainment, you will not only find carefully and sophisticated built environments for you to spend your excess investigative talents upon; you will also be pulled into breath-taking story plots, putting you in the place of the protagonist in a thriller! All our escape games are designed for friends hangout, family gathering and corporate team building / bonding / training events.


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Cosmos VR requires teamwork and communication. The game is very challenging, so everyone must cooperate in order to succeed! Book a time for you and your coworkers or colleagues to challenge your strength as a team and escape reality!

It’s no secret how amazing Dublin is, which is why you chose to come here on holidays. But when you travel, you want to know what the locals do. Don’t tell them we told you, but they come to Escape VR Dublin. Join us, and give your bar-hopping and umbrella a rest, while you work out that other muscle—your brain.

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You’re the fun one in the group, and honestly, you’re sick of going to that same pub with Aoife. You need something new and different—something that you have never tried before, something that will leave an impression on you and your friends. That’s where we come in. We aren’t just a VR game but a whole new experience of a different reality. Find out how your group responds under that reality. Will they start to unravel experiencing VR for the first time, or will you pull it together just in time to escape from impending doom?

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Have you ever wanted to be the main character in one of those escape computer games? Dream no more and put your intelligence to the test. You may not be Sherlock Holmes, but you’ve certainly got a whopper of a challenge waiting ahead of you.

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Will putting on your VR headsets, solving and escaping challenges in a different reality truly strengthen intra-office camaraderie and improve team dynamics; or, will it instead just make things weird between you and James in payroll? There’s only one way to find out!