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Feb 21, 2018 · News on Environmental Issues. Research articles on global warming, ozone depletion, air and water pollution, acid rain, waste management and more.

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The Department of Planning and Zoning is actively involved with Environmental issues that affect Fairfax County and its citizens. Below are links to information describing some ways in which the Department of Planning and Zoning and other county agencies are addressing some of these issues.

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1, may be of assistance in determining "normal farm practice.")

If the Vendor and the Purchaser disagree on whether normal farm practice is being continued, they will want a speedy resolution of the issue.


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Climate change, or global warming, is the greatest environmental threat we've ever faced. How we respond to this crisis will greatly impact both current and future generations and all other species.

Environmental issues are harmful effects of human activity on the biophysical environment

Green design is not merely the use of energy-efficient materials. It also involves the creation of products and systems with a light footprint on the environment over the Life cycle ranges from production to transportation, installation, use and renewal. As such, should be thought of as a process, not just a goal—allowing for a broader evaluation of the environmental issues, economical and societal impacts of a product. We look at products as single units and as part of a system in their environment.

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Such an order or decision may also be registered on title.

The Purchaser should insist on the Vendor giving a Warranty on Closing - at least to the best of the Vendor's knowledge and belief - that:
1. all environmental laws and regulations have been complied with;
2. no hazardous substances or other contaminants exist on the land;
3. there are no outstanding Ministry of the Environment orders, investigations or prosecutions; and
4. there is no pending litigation respecting environmental matters.

The Purchaser should have a clause in the Offer to Purchase which authorizes the Ministry of the Environment to release to the Purchaser, his or her agent and solicitor, all information that may be on record with the Ministry of the Environment with respect to the said property.

Other than what I have mentioned in various places in my presentation, environmental issues as they relate to farm property are outside the scope of my presentation.

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However, Section 28 of the Environmental Protection Act provides for the remaining in force of permits which had been issued pursuant to Section 78.

On April 6, 1998, the Services Improvement Act transferred most of the regulation for small on-site septic systems - those handling less than 10,000 litres a day - from the Environmental Protection Act to the Building Code Act.