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We'll keep adding to our environmental quotes list over time. If you know of a great environmental quote that we missed, you can .

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The environmental movement seeks to protect the natural world and promote sustainable living.
Q3/28/2007 England, WW1. I have a relative who died in the First World War, but no one seems to have ever seen his service medals. I have the medal card file and know he was entitled to the 1915 Star, Victory and British Medal. Would these have been sent to the family posthumously? We do have the bronze " Dead Mans Penny", which was issued specifically for a death. Is there a source where you can reorder medals, or even miniatures, for a charge?

Bolivia's Migration Picture Migration seems to be in Bolivians' blood

The Metropolitan Board of Works (MBW) was created in 1855 responsible for developing the infrastructure of a rapidly expanding London and was for a number of years the only London-wide adminstrative body. Eventually a series of scandals brought about its demise and the creation of the London County Council comprising 28 metropolitan boroughs. In 1879 the MBW purchased the Old Pavilion Music Hall in Piccadilly Circus apparently needed for the construction of Shaftesbury Avenue. As the road plans were in an early stage the site was leased to an R.E. Villiers but in addition to his lease payments he was making regular payments to the Chief Valuer of the MBW, a certain Frederick William Goddard. In 1883 a more permanent lease was signed with Villiers for £3,000 per annum despite there being an offer of £4,000 per annum from another party. In 1886 Villiers sold the Pavilion and Goddard received £5,000 of the proceeds. The MBW became known as the "Metropolitan Board of Perks". In 1888 Parliament established a Royal Commission to look into the MBW and recommended its abolition and the formation of the London County Council. Meanwhile the MBW continued on its corrupt way and despite being asked not to take any important decisions refused to take notice and announced that they were about to award contracts for the construction of the Blackwall Tunnel. Faced with this Parliament took immediate action, abolished the MBW and the London County Council came into being on 21 March 1889.


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Q3/28/2007. England WW1. No one seems to have seen the campaign medals of a relative who died in WW1, to which I know he was entitled. Is there a source where I can obtain the medals or even miniatures? Beryl Peros went to a lot of trouble to respond to this one having already obtained, in 2001, a WW2 medal to which her father was entitled from the Army Medal Office in Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire. She discovered that the medal office is now the responsibility of the Ministry of Defence in Gloucester but having phoned them was told that they are no longer issuing WW1 medals and the only source would be from a medal dealer. And Mary Parry writes: "My mother used Toad Hall Medals in Devon to get her father's medals from WWI. You will need your relative's regimental number and full name. They are now incorporated into Bigbury Medals see "

Q2/28/2007. Canada. What does "British Bonus Allowed" mean on a Passenger List for a ship arriving in Canada ? Jeannette Colgan writes to tell us that the answer to this question can be found on and is defined " A commission paid by the Canadian government's Immigration Branch to steamship booking agents in the United Kingdom for each suitable immigrant who purchased a ticket to sail to Canada. The immigrants themselves did not receive a bonus."

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Middlesex was a county we covered in Bulletin 26/2007 but we now have a further submission. Maurice Hardman tell us that has a searchable database of burials at the Abney Park Cemetery which is in the Hackney area.

It was the 1960s, the age of the post ..

A few stones are legible and well kept - the founders of the Salvation Army, William & Catherine Booth, and other Salvation Army Commissioners have large memorial stones. No interments have taken place since 1980, except when the family has previously held a plot there".

The Early Environmental Movement in the ..

Note: I emphasize the words "should be" because both Margaret Taylor and I have noted that it sometimes has been the case (at least with the first tranche of such records, namely those for soldiers whose surnames began with "A" or "B") that (a) the image to which one was taken when one clicked on "View image" was not in fact the first record in the set of records for a particular soldier (meaning that it may also be worth clicking on the "Prev" icon (a left-pointing arrow) immediately above the displayed image of what is ostensibly the first such record for such soldier, just to be sure that there are no records relevant to the soldier before that image); and/or that (b) the "Next File" card was sometimes missing, meaning that one might inadvertently find oneself at some point straying into the series of records for the next soldier in the sequence.

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This week's counties are Worcestershire, Shropshire and Herefordshire. We have not received any submissions for Worcestershire but Sheila Smith sent us the following for Herefordshire:`