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For better or worse the British Empire had a massive impact on the history of the world.

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Indeed, what were the motivations behind the creation of the Empire itself?
It does get confusing because the Normans themselves came from the North of France and so was it a Norman/French Empire or a distinctive English Empire?

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This Anglo-French Empire, if I can call it that, would later be referred to as the Angevin Empire.
The British Empire was a diverse collection of territories which evolved and changed over time as the personnel required to police, develop and administer them testifies.


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In retrospect, "Empire" was never the best term for the constellation of British possessions.
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The British naval presence around the world and the whole  were marks of hegemony, not of empire.
Unlike the Metropole example above, this theory believed that the actors could literally come from all over the globe, including native peoples or their rulers and had no fixed example of what the Empire should be like.

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It believed that the institutions used their wealth and power to guard their positions of power and to further their own interests using the Empire as a conduit or arena in which to exercise their talents and power.

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Coming somewhat full circle in the debate is the idea that the Empire was a far more complex, ad hoc collection of competing, dynamic collection of agencies, individuals and companies which had no set agenda but found the Empire a convenient arena in which to forward their own interests.

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This theory is based on the idea of the strong central government, educational, commercial and financial institutions which mutually reinforced one another and used the resources of the empire to further enrich themselves and build up an ever stronger competitive advantage - economically, strategically and politically.

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With the British Empire, the key question to ask is how it really got started, and why so much of it began, or continued to consist of, little bits like Bombay, the Gambia, Penang, Hong Kong, etc.

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But if the reality of the power of the later Holy Roman Emperors was actually the power of the Hapsburgs, and the power of the British Empire was Britain, what happened to that power?