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But toward the end of Prohibition, those who were still producing whiskey were busy making plans for Repeal.

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The role of Organized Crime in the history of the United States of America.
My observations have convinced me that many fewer would drink Were it not illegal" Since, as van Luckner noted, the sleazy gin mills had disappeared and much drinking, therefore, occurred in swank nightclubs and the homes of the wealthy, Prohibition's other weird effect was that drinking became more socially acceptable than it had been prior to 1920.

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"Yet it is undeniable that prohibition has in some respects been signally successful The filthy saloons, the gin mills which formerly flourished on every corner and in which the laborer once drank off half his wages, have disappeared Now he can instead buy his own car, and ride off fir a weekend or a few days with his wife and children in the country or at the sea.


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graf van Luckner, a visitor to America during Prohibition, painted a marvelous scene of the effects of the experiment in his book , 1928:

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