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We’re not suggesting you take a sledgehammer to your tube (though could be fun). Just take some precautions against exposure to media violence.

"Media's Influence on Youth" by Glen Dawursk, Jr.

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Co-viewing tips to promote learning and bonding. Advice from Common Sense Media editors.
Godcommanded at least one day off for man so that man could rest fromthe world and use it for his and his family's spiritual wellbeing, in praying,reading, picnicking and doing other good works for the soul of oneself andthe family. You should thus spend the Sunday in abstaining from your ownwill, such as watching the tv, playing games, listening to music or theradio, etc, and instead strive to know God in solitude, prayer and meditation.

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Now,you might ask: “So are you forbidding all media as wrong andsinful to watch?” The answer is no. Not all media is bad, butalmost everything on television is however. You might have to watchless at what the box has to offer for you. There are for examplenumerous great religious films and series which is totally acceptableand good for the Spirit to watch (even though, in many films,especially newer ones, there will be immodest scenes or scenes ofimpurity. A Christian must not look on films or series which theyknow have bad scenes that will tempt them). Religious films are thebest since they direct your mind toward spiritual things and God,which cannot be said of worldly films. When I am talking aboutReligious films, I am not referring to these worldly films disguisedas religious films, which really has nothing at all to do aboutspirituality but really about the world, for example, stories about aman falling in love with a woman or a woman falling in love with aman, or other worldly motives, with jokes, much vain talk, etc. Thisis complete and utter nonsense and serves nothing at all for theedifying of soul, mind or body, and should be totally avoided as thetrash it really is!


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So you like to make different things. This is great! But tell us something more about the television and the entertainment.
Well, everyone can spend some really good time watching TV. Not only the movies but the news and advertisement blocks. People have to get to the information and they do it with the help of the radio, the television and Internet. We live in the century of the communication and we have to use this. It is not the time when people used carrier pigeons to send information.

Today we know a lot of different television channels – for music, comedies, movies, popular science and so on. But the most important thing is that today we can choose what to watch and when to watch. The cable televisions and the satellite TVs offer the audience a huge variety of different channels and movies. We can choose whether to watch the news or to choose some interesting movie for our entertainment.

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The present day television is something perfect for everyone. We can learn a lot of things, we can spend some nice time with people we love while watching a really good movie and so on. We can say that the television is a part of our life and today nobody can live without it. Children love to watch channels as Cartoon network and Disney, teenagers love to watch MTV because of the nice music and the parents love to watch serial movies, comedies and action movies.

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Well, I prefer watching popular science. It is not only a way to learn a lot of things but a way for great entertainment. I love the technology so every movie for things and devices in this area is something very good for me.
And which are your favorite movies? You must watch movies too, yes?

Yes, I am a big fan of comedies. I just love to sit in front of the TV in the evening, to get a beer and to watch a really funny movie. There are so many television channels so it is very easy to choose what to watch.

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Today we watch television with the help of fully electronic television devices and we can enjoy the entertainment of a wonderful picture and sound. With the development of the technology soon we will see the next generation of TV sets.

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Another interesting thing is the development of the technologies that allow the movie directors and producers to create great movies. Today we can watch movies with good effects. Most of the movies are a reflection of people’s life and the most popular are the TV series. They attract a lot of people to the TV and they are a great way for entertainment.