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the Puritan Community Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter seems to be created around Hawthorne's obsession with the forbidding quality of the scarlet "A", the symbol from which the novel takes its title.

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But her hesitation was only for an instant, though long enough to display a scarlet letter on her breast.(21)Thus Hawthorne leaves the reader to ponder the fate of a woman bound to, and vitally entwined with, a powerful symbol: "On a field, sable, the letter A, gules."(22) This powerful final image completes the duality, completing a perfect final image of the double function which the scarlet "A" has played through the course of the novel.


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The first of the narrative strategies mentioned above, the use of a central dominating image or object, is a well known characteristic of Hawthorne's works. I will attempt here to elucidate how it works as a device of poetic economy. As Samuel Chase Coale has noted, "[a]t the center of Hawthorne's fiction, the main focus of his art, a mysterious image or object, teases and glowers. It suggests an impenetrable mystery, a kind of immense vacancy or presence that no amount of moral scrutiny can ultimately define or explain" (77).—Indeed, we are all familiar with the scarlet letter and its function in Hawthorne's romance. For these objects⁄images to work in such a complex way, Hawthorne needed to go beyond the mere conventional symbolism of things, as well as move away from allegory as a frame in which those objects⁄images would operate.11) Of course, conventional symbolism is extensively used, since it has the advantage of affording the author a springboard for his further development.

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Yep. It's the second one. Nathaniel Hawthorne set the story of poor, persecuted Hester Prynne and her lover in the early , where his ancestors played a role in the persecution of women, as well as in the prosecution of women in the . In The Scarlet Letter's preface, Hawthorne actually alludes to this history, taking blame for the actions of these ancestors and hoping that any curse brought about by their cruelty will be removed.

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Passion, wild emotion, and forbidden love: Or is it Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter, published in 1850 and set over a century earlier, amid those with their funny hats and buckles?