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The elements of biopsychology utilized above to elucidate the meaning of the shared dreams involved imparting an understanding of cakra’s psycho-physical nature connected with different parts of the body, meditative visualization on the spontaneous images of the dream, concentration on cakras, layers of the mind (kosas) and related body parts, living in the present in recreating the dream in the present tense and dialogue within aspects of the dream guided by a facilitator well versed in biopsychology and guidance of emotional work. It is the pause of the breath in pranayama that allows the yogic sixth sense, the pranendriya to deliver the content and meaning of the dream in both the sleep and waking states. The facilitator encourages the recall of the dream in the present tense in slow motion images (slow breathing with pauses) to support this sixth sense revealing the deeper meaning of the dream. The practice of pranayama increases the frequency of occurrence and the understanding of our true dreams.

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You became aware of yourself and your personality. You discovered that you are part of mankind sharing all its experiences. Now is the time to look beyond what is human. You are part of a vast network of living beings existing in many dimensions in the universe. The universe is like a net, a tapestry, woven out of numerous threads. The Divine Weaver weaves his creation on his loom. All created beings are connected to each other. When the child is still in the womb, it is linked by the umbilical cord to the mother. At the same time the child experiences an amphibious consciousness, feeling itself connected with the entire creation and all the energies thereof. Take a walk in nature, in the mountains, in the desert, take a deep breath, and feel connected with what is around you. On the subtle level you have always been one with it. However, you never paid attention to it. Everything is alive, animals, plants, even rock and crystals. Nature is also teeming with numerous spirit beings. You are part of it. You are part to everything that exists. It is time to give up the illusion that you are a separate being. Man is not separate and cannot continue to isolate himself from his environment in order to master, control and abuse it, as he is presently doing. He is harming himself, because he is inseparable from his environment, and any abuse will turn back on himself.
In the past, when man was more in tune with nature, he constructed many sacred places, like the megalithic sites on special energy spots and energy vortexes of the planet. These he used for enhancing his living conditions, to stimulate the growth of crops, for healing purposes and magical ceremonies. Some of these places are not only still intact, but the energies are still active. Go to these special energies spots to not only to make contact with your ancestry, but also to extend your subtle cords to make contact with other levels of existence. Earth’s energy spots all connect with each other to form a giant web encompassing the entire planet. It even connects to energies from the universe. These sacred places are like doorways, openings to other places, other realms, other beings, other energies. In some dolmen a small circular opening in the roof slab can be found. Folklore has it that the souls of dead pass through this opening to get into heaven. This is faint memory of the practice of ancient people who would lie inside the dolmen and look at the opening for a slightly different reason. Being on an energy spot and gazing at the opening would facilitate the transition from ordinary consciousness to amphibious consciousness. By crossing this threshold numerous patterns in web-like designs present themselves before the eyes. It is as if one passes through them at enormous speeds. Sometimes it happens so fast that one will hardly notice them. It is possible to learn to lower your "speed", then you will be able to see them clearly. These are not products of the mind, or fantasies, or even dream images. They are the fabric of the universe, ethereal fibers of energies present in the entire creation. Passing through them you will then go into other realms of existence. With amphibious consciousness you experience the multidimensionality of the universe. Everything in the universe has structure, and every structure has holes in it. All over the world, shamans have used these holes to make the transition. The holes can be in energy spots, in crystals, in the air and so on. When Alice was falling asleep she fell through such a hole, the rabbit hole, and found Wonderland.
The totem animal of amphibious consciousness is the frog. The posture of a frog is used to liberate the vital energies in your body. When in that position frog sounds can be produced from the ten locations from which sound can come: the belly, stomach, chest, throat, mouth, tongue, palate, teeth, lips and nose. Just producing these sounds is not enough, one needs to feel like a frog. Therefore, assuming the position of a frog, one moves rhythmically back and forth, moving the arms as if swimming. When the hands come together clap the hands. It is important to move from the loins in order to liberate the energies of the first chakra. Moving the hands from the inside to the outside (like in swimming) represents leaving the water, the reverse movement represents entering the water. This exercise needs to be done until a dry warm energy rises up in the body. Spread this warmth over the entire body and continue until this warmth becomes radiant and tingling. This liberates the vital energies in the body. These vital energies are present everywhere in the universe. They vivify everything that lives and connect it all together. Through these energies you can make contact with the entire creation. As with all exercises of this kind, it is very important that you don’t overdo it.
Amphibious consciousness corresponds to the stage in evolution when amphibians were leaving the water and entering the land. It was on land that the body of man and his sense of separate identity would eventually develop. The water, or the oceans, connect all life together. Life in the oceans promotes a sense of unity, of being one with everything around oneself. The amphibians, with the frog as totem animal, represent the transition between the two phases. In the exploration of the levels of consciousness you go back into the oceans, into the water, into the womb. There you will reconnect with all life in all dimensions, and experience the vital energies vivifying everything that lives. The frog as totem animal was present all over the ancient Americas. It was a secret cult because access to the vital energies of the universe implies a strong responsibility. Uninitiated persons might destroy themselves and other people with it. In fairy tales the frog is often associated with a fountain or a deep well, symbols of the opening to the other world. All over the world the frog is connected with the vital forces. As an amphibious animal, living both in the water as on land, the frog connects the vital, ethereal, spiritual, unconscious energies (symbolized by water) with the tangible, physical, conscious energies (symbolized by land).
When the amphibians evolved, the cerebellum, or little brain, developed. It controls balance and smoothness of the body’s movements, and continuously monitors and adjusts the progress of an action. On the subtle level the cerebellum is responsible for psychic or paranormal perception, and holds the memories and energies of amphibious consciousness.
Another exercise to liberate the vital forces in your body is by guttural singing with a low voice, as shamans do, or as the Buddhist monks sing. Try to sing as low as possible and feel the voice being generated from your belly. You can use the sound Mu and connect mentally with the time period of Lemuria when the vital energies in the body were very strong.
As amphibious consciousness is experienced and you feel connected to other life forms in the many dimensions of the universe, you will eventually develop a new way of perception that is connected to the ocean, out of which the amphibians came. You are now obtaining what is known as spherical consciousness.


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One is a symbolic representation of saguna Brahman or Brahman with qualities and form. Saguna Brahman is the awakened Brahman who projects the worlds and the entire creation out of himself. He is also called the cosmic soul or Hiranyagarbha. He creates the worlds and beings by his will and dynamic power. He is the creator of Brahma, Vishnu and Siva and the rest of the gods. He is referred as tadvanam. He is beyond the grasp of the senses and the mind. He is bliss consciousness who is experienced by seekers in a state of samadhi. By realizing him everything is realized. By knowing him everything is known.

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Dreams afford a separation of soul and body. As soon as the senses become torpid, the inner man withdraws from the outer. There are three different ways which afford this separation. First, natural sleep. Second, induced sleep, such as hypnotism, mesmerism or trance. Third, death. In the above two cases the man has only left his physical body temporarily, whereas in death he has left it forever. In the case of death, the link which unites soul and body, as seen by clairvoyant vision, is broken, but in trance or sleep it is released. The real man is then in the astral world. He now functions in his astral body, which becomes a vehicle for expressing consciousness, just as the physical body is an instrument for expressing consciousness in the waking state.