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By: Christopher Lewis *| Staff Writer

By: Jamie Burchette *| Guest Writer

By: Darius L. Lamonte *| Guest Writer
Some bits of Crimsonian elements creep in here and there (some of the vocal harmonies in "North Meadow," the brass riff in "Elephant Song," the dissonant guitar lines of "The Crukster," the bits of classical influence in "Suite No.

By: Niti Parthasarathy*| Guest Writer

By: Corri Hopkins *| Guest Writer
Major kudos go to Fripp for the restraint shown in this composition - the Fripp of the previous year would have tried to make the last six minutes of this into "The Battle of Glass Tears," after all.


By: Andrew Homer *| Guest Writer

By: Cara Katrinak*| Guest Writer
Trying to get six people onto one page artistically, with no prior discussion or set direction, is an exceptionally tall order, even for six musicians as talented as those in this incarnation of Crimson (a lot of jazz musicians are plenty successful at it, but even more jazz musicians fail at it).

By: Brandy Nickoloff*| Staff Writer
Fripp, but's it seems that the band members also figured out thatKing Crimson is a way of making a living - so, they didn't stick withthe name Discipline for this version of the band.

By: Doriyon Glass*| Staff Writer

Despite the challenging nature of the topic, the song is uplifting and allows the listener to imagine the feelings of someone living a very different reality.

Frankly though, I'm not sure it's worth it.

We both share a passion and love for Vintage Cars and Bikes so it works out well and the fact that he hasn’t traded me in yet makes me feel pretty lucky and proud to be his Lady.

Yes Robert is the only constant in the variouslineups.

ALY COOK is an award-winning artist who can boast New Zealand Female Country Artist of the Year, TCIMA International Artist of the Year 2017 and twice nominated as New Zealand Woman of the Year for her contribution to the arts

He (usually) chooses his musical company well,too.

ALLAN CASWELL helped me to turn these lyrics into a fun song that reflects my personality and pays homage to my relationship perfectly.” – Chantell Alexi

It's not a bad record if you like blues.

This is a cool summer country rock track and a great follow up to the 4 number #1 Country Tracks singles and final swansong from her Horseshoe Rodeo Hotel album.

There was a really nicerecord by a band called FIELDS.

A horseman (and fellow 'Long Rider' of the Long Riders Guild France - having ridden 5,500 kms across Australia); a publican; a published author; a popular singer/songwriter and recording artist, Danny is a larger than life character who typifies the image of a hard-working all-rounder Aussie bloke.