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And now we’re told a host of influential media industry men caught up in the ..

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Critical information theory as critique of domination in the context of media, ..
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In mid-November, at what many thought was the height of revelations about sexual misconduct by powerful men in the media (we were …
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Looooool @SouthernBeast
SPOT ON, SPOT ON! Lisa, I understand unique and different parts of the world have a particular tendency of using their own versions of slang, but while we converse over the Internet may you refrain from using such abbreviations. I also understand that you have strong feelings that oppose the topics covered in this article, but as you know we do have the right to express our opinions without being discriminated against for them. Please, do us all a favor and return to your boring life as a single woman who attempts to dominate and control every man she has a chance at dating. Go on with treating him unfairly and forcing him to assist and complete your every desire.. Because according to you and every other fembot, men were created for the sole enjoyment and entertainment of all women on earth and thereof. Do me a favor Lisa… KYS 🙂


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Sexual harassment and bias and sexism are systemic cultural problems in the ad industry. They’re directly connected to the domination of men in this industry…
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This is absolutely repulsive – ‘this way, you will be able to dominate and control women at all times’? The person who wrote this sounds like a member of the Taliban, the kind of person who would stone a woman to death for marrying one of her own choice. Woman are not pet dogs, and it is crossing a line to write an article about dominating them. In Oman, the showers have blinds, so the men can watch their wives bathe. Once again, repulsive. I am absolutely disgusted that this is being publicly shown on the internet, and will file a complaint on this website and others, in order to remove information of such sexual bigotry.

Charlemagne April 1, 2008 @ 3:13 pm

But when feminist women and other groups talk about exploitation in the adult industry, oftentimes the response to the idea that women are being exploited is, "We need to end porn! Make the sex work industry illegal!" In actuality, when those jobs become illegal, the sex workers end up with fewer resources and worse labor conditions. The approach to it is really the opposite of that. If there's a problem with workers in bad conditions in the adult industry, the answer is to make the conditions better and create a situation where women have the power and are respected. I could talk about this for way too long, but the one other thing is sometimes that attitude comes out of an idea that women are unable to make sexual choices, and that is very frustrating. It's that attitude about how women don't like sex or don't know what they want, and men are the ones who say, "Give it to me," and women say yes or no, and don't ask for anything themselves. That's the kind of attitude that makes women not want to admit what they like. And one of the reasons we make porn is to dispel that myth.

Disney's masterplan to take over the entire …

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