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Domestic violence is a major human rights issue across the world, and one of New Zealand’s most serious social issues


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Amartya Sen calculated that between 60 million and 107 millionwomen are missing worldwide.
Mr. Sundt is forced to evaluate whether he wants to pay for anattorney to be present in the courtroom to protect his rights as avictim and to shut down the intended liberal use of the rules ofevidence that the defense stated they will exploit against him.

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Here are some questions you can review to see if you have aproblem with abuse:
The National Domestic Violence Hotline has received more than700,000 calls for assistance since February 1996. Source: NationalDomestic Violence Hotline, December 2001


Common Forms of violence against Indian women include:

NCDVTMH is funded through a combination of unrestricted private funds and federal grants.
At the end of the trial, your batterer will be found guilty or notguilty. If she is found guilty, the judge must decide what hissentence will be. The judge doesn't have to put her in jail, however;s/he may give her probation instead. IN REALITY,WOMEN WHO ARE ARRESTED FOR BATTERING DO NOTSPEND MUCH TIME IN JAIL EVEN IF THEY ARE CONVICTED OF A CRIME. Thisis especially true if it is the first arrest for battering. In somestates, a first offender charged with a misdemeanor can receivecounseling instead of a jail term.

But you should keep in mind that the more detailed information youcan provide the court in your testimony, the better chance there isshe will be convicted and sentenced to jail. The system makes it along and difficult process for the abused man to have his battererprosecuted. But follow through with it if you are convinced yourbatterer should be prosecuted and punished. It is important both toyou and to other battered men that you do so.

How children can get affected by domestic violence at home:

Your batterer's attorney will then try to prove that your story isuntrue by asking you other questions. S/he may do this by trying toshow that you attacked your wife or girlfriend who then beat you inself defense. Or, the defense attorney may try to get you so confusedthat you contradict your own story and look like a liar. The defenseattorney will most likely try to do something to make you look silly,stupid, confused, etc.

1) Children can themselves get physically abused or hurt.

If the defendant does not "plea bargain," there will be a trial,though it might not be for several weeks or event months. Remember,too, that if the defendant paid bail, she will be out in thecommunity the whole time.

2) Witnessing violence actions can be mentally damaging

If you are being hurt by a woman who is on probation or parole,you can report her to her probation officer or parole agent. It isimportant that you give these people copies of your police reportsand restraining orders.

They may develop stress-related problems in health

If the batterer's case ends up being "plea bargained." don't bedisappointed. Your action did prove that battering is wrong. "Pleabargaining" is just a part of the system and is designed to cut downthe number of cases that go to trial.

If you are being abused, REMEMBER

A person who is convicted of a crime may be put on "probation"instead of being sent to jail. S/he will be ordered to report to thecourt or to the Adult Probation department. If the person reports toAdult Probation, s/he will have a probation officer. This is theperson you want to contact through the Probation Department in thecounty where the person was sentenced. If your attacker reports tothe court, you will have to contact the prosecutor's office in thatcounty.