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DuFour, R., DuFour, R., Eaker, R., & Karhanek, G. (2004). Whatever it takes. Bloomington, IN: Solution Tree.

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Fanatical Customer Service means doing whatever it takes to meet the customer's needs
I know a considerable amount about the plants that have been in captivity with me. We have been sharing the same confined space for decades. When you've been around someone for 24 years, you pick up a few things about what they like, what their needs are, what it takes to make them happy or what to do when they are sick.

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Work crews were often assigned to go prune rose bushes, privet hedges, or install plants in front of the housing units. Part of my job was to load whatever we needed for those projects onto the loading cart and drive it to wherever it needed to go. Many times, the staff saw me drive by with potted plants loaded into the back of my cart. What they didn't know was that I often hid hormone powder, seed packets, a hose spray nozzle, plant fertilizer, and even worms (which would also improve the quality of the hardpan) in the soil at the bottom of those pots. I dropped my hidden supplies off at my unit and then continued on my way. The staff didn't have a clue.


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DuFour suggests that the answer to Question 3 differentiates traditional schools from PLCs. The clarity of purpose of a true PLC is to ensure high levels of learning for all students. The Pathfinding RtI leader is unswerving in her dedication to success with every student. The bottom line for the pathfinding leader is to encourage all stakeholders to embrace the principle: We do whatever it takes!

The aligning role of the effective RtI leader is to make certain that evidence-based practice is the rule and not the expectation. The bottom line is that the aligning leader does whatever it takes!

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The word empowerment demands some clarification. Empowerment that leads to student success is not simply flexibility. It is flexibility with accountability. The empowering leader encourages staff to do whatever they wish so long as those choices result in improved performance.

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Investing in sharing power and authority is the mark of the effective leader. For RtI to work, the leader must facilitate the establishment of a dynamic, empowering culture that brings forward the strength of all stakeholders around achieving better results for all students. The bottom line is now not surprising. The effective, empowering RtI leader does whatever it takes!

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The bottom line IS that we must do whatever it takes to ensure that all students succeed. What it takes is personal commitment — personal commitment to evidence-based principles that ensure better results for ALL students, NO exceptions!

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So, not only does he kill civilians, cause the death of innocents, double-cross his own allies, and torture prisoners out of necessity, he often ends up killing, double-crossing, or torturing the wrong civilians, innocents, allies, or prisoners who have absolutely nothing to do with whatever evil plot he's trying to stop.