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Forensic Mathematics - DNA Identification

The UK National DNA database was the first forensic DNA database established in the world in 1995
Cellmark’s forensic laboratories operate within quality systems accredited to ISO17025 and certified to ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO27001. Cellmark is an accredited supplier of crime scene and reference DNA profiles to the UK National DNA Database.

Forensic mathematics -- the mathematics of DNA identification

Lagos state plans to establish the first DNA Forensic lab in the country
Every cell contains both nuclear and mitochondrial DNA. Nuclear DNA is found within the nucleus of the cell and is composed of two sources of DNA: the egg and the sperm. This type of DNA defines us as individuals and is most often used in forensic or paternity cases. The nuclear DNA of a forensic specimen from a crime scene is compared to a specimen from a suspect to see how similar they are. In terms of a paternity suit, the nuclear DNA of the child is compared to the nuclear DNA from the father to see if the father contributed to the child's DNA.


Forensic Bioinformatics reviews cases involving forensic DNA testing

DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC) is the largest and most experienced private DNA testing laboratory in the world
To identify individuals, forensic scientists scan 13 DNA regions that vary from person to person and use the data to create a DNA profile of that individual (sometimes called a DNA fingerprint). There is an extremely small chance that another person has the same DNA profile for a particular set of regions.

Charles Brenner's Home Page. Forensic mathematics -- the mathematics of DNA identification. Paternity testing, kinship, DNA databases, …
Speaking on the importance of the forensic centre, the Commissioner said the facility which would be driven by the Ministry of Justice with active support of the Governor, will focus on DNA analysis to support the justice sector in diverse areas such as "collection and preserving reference and evidentiary DNA which can later be used in identifying criminals; decoding familial relationships of individuals which could also be a tool for the judicial system; and identifying victims and remains after natural and man made calamities."

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The lab, which would be called the Lagos State DNA Forensics Centre (LSDFC), when fully operational, would fulfill an unmet need for DNA profiling which is a unique forensic technique that is now being used all over the world.

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He said: "Even though the role of DNA in forensics, law enforcement and the justice sector is well known globally, a high-powered DNA analysis centre is not available in Nigeria. This means that most, if not all the DNA testing needs are performed outside Nigeria, a situation that leads to longer turnaround times and an overall higher cost of bringing closure to investigation and prosecution of crimes."

DNA is a long polymer made from repeating units called nucleotides

"In furtherance of its commitment to the Fcriminal justice sector reforms and take the fight against crime to a greater level, the Lagos State Government on Tuesday announced that it has concluded plans to establish the first ever high-powered DNA Forensic Laboratory in Nigeria which will take off within the next six to twelve months.

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National DNA Databank: CODIS

The COmbined DNA Index System, CODIS, blends computer and DNA technologies into a tool for fighting violent crime. The current version of CODIS uses two indexes to generate investigative leads in crimes where biological evidence is recovered from the crime scene. The Convicted Offender index contains DNA profiles of individuals convicted of felony sex offenses (and other violent crimes). The Forensic index contains DNA profiles developed from crime scene evidence. All DNA profiles stored in CODIS are generated using STR (short tandem repeat) analysis.

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Lagos state plans to establish the first DNA Forensic lab in the country. This was made known by Justice, Mr. Adeniji Kazeem, while addressing journalist at the Bagauda Kaltho Press Centre in Alausa Today. Read the press statement below...