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For any company selling a product the concepts of marketing and sales are very important as they can mean the difference between success and failure.

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Strategic Leadership and Decision Making

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To illustrate, here’s some specific examples across different industries of how strategic goals can be communicated with clear tactical elements, in a linear and logical order:

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The purpose of this post is to clearly delineate the distinct differences between strategy and tactics, and show how they work in tandem for your organization
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Going through this excellent book right now to better understand this subject: “Good Strategy/Bad Strategy: The Difference and Why It Matters” by Richard P. Rumelt


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Often, we use the terms strategy and tactics interchangeably and in a haphazard manner. When probing at online definitions and dictionaries, they often share many of the same characteristics, making them difficult to differentiate. Rather than debate Greek military etymology, Sun Tzu philosophy, or latest publications from the Harvard Business Press, here’s a simple way to look at strategy and tactics by their associated actions:

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The purpose of this post is to clearly delineate the distinct differences between strategy and tactics, and show how they work in tandem for your organization.

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Stress Cracks! No, I am not talking about cracking jokes when you're all stressed out! One common problem you can find on an old Strat Plus, or an American Standard Strat, are hairline stress cracks in the neck sockets. Sometimes these are so faint you can barely see them - maybe only being 2 mm long. Other times they can be big, gaping cracks that go right down into the wood. Big cracks significantly lower the value of the guitar. You can see examples above. A small, 1-3 mm long hairline finish crack will not hurt anything in most cases and should not be entirely frowned upon. Some of these can be there for years and never cause a problem. These cracks are caused by different things. One is the neck socket was really tight when the guitar was assembled. Then if the guitar ended up in a humid climate, the body could swell as it takes on moisture, causing slight cracks in the finish. It has to do with the neck and body not expanding and contracting at the same rate. Tight neck sockets are nice for good tone, but too tight...well I think you get the point. Other cracks, usually the Mother of all Cracks, is caused by the guitar falling over and the neck or headstock hitting something. When Gibson's do that they snap off the headstock, while a Strat will crack the neck sockets on the body! This is the weak spot on a Strat, unfortunately. The wood there is thin and is cut at a 90 degree angle. Even with the guitar in the case and having it slam flat on the floor could cause these cracks. No wise cracks here! So don't let your guitar fall over, even while in the case!

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Action: Using Strategy and Tactics to advance your Organization
First, educate your staff and colleagues on the differences of terms and how they vary. Next, ensure that all tactics align to business strategy, and all strategies take into account tactics on how they will be achieved. Finally, cascade in all communication how strategy and tactics work in tandem, advancing how your organization can see the larger goals, and better utilize resources to achieve.

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“Strategy” is the new buzzword in the industry that I’m in, digital marketing – with high level folks that have no recognition of the main challenges that strategy should address in their businesses and no action plan tied to their ‘strategies’, to the execution level folks who want more recognition for the outcomes they produce through relabelling their roles.