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As the Earth turns on its axis, the motion is gyroscopic, like the spinning of a top.

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It describes the evolution of a consequent electronic pocket diary and considers ..
Machine learning is the subfield of computer science that “gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed” (Arthur Samuel, 1959). Evolved from the study of pattern recognition and computational learning theory in artificial intelligence, machine learning explores the study and construction of algorithms that can learn from and make predictions on data – such algorithms overcome following strictly static program instructions by making data driven predictions or decisions, through building a model from sample inputs.

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We appealed to the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Planet for permission to renovate the already existing cavern inside Mt.
Your Spiritual Hierarchy has been preparing housing for you inside these vast, uninhabited caverns in Earth's interior, and when the external “Earth Changes” come, many of you will be moved en masse into them to continue your present incarnation inside Earth, not “on” her.


The Inner Earth & Realm of Aghartha

Here we remained one week, laying in an extra supply of provisions and several casks of drinking-water, and then sailed toward Spitzbergen.
Byrd's Diary (February - March 1947)
The exploration flight over the North Pole
The Inner Earth - My Secret Diary
I must write this diary in secrecy and obscurity.

Everywhere there are flowers of great vibrancy and fountains and pools of water spilling forth their choruses of song.
And thus we made the discovery that the water was indeed fresh, absolutely so, without the least briny taste or even the suspicion of a salty flavor.

The Inner Earth - My Secret Diary

My father was in high spirit, because of the excellent and gratifying returns he had received from our last catch by marketing at Stockholm, instead of selling at one of the seafaring towns along the Scandinavian coast.

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As the sun rose over the peaks of the San Jacinto, far to the eastward, the spirit of Olaf Jansen, the navigator, the explorer and worshiper of Odin and Thor, the man whose experiences and travels, as related, are without a parallel in all the world's history, passed away, and I was left alone with the dead.

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Not sure if the CPRR Chinese workers' wages were raised after the strike as , and if so by how much. The about the strike does not indicate a pay raise. The says that the wages were not raised: "Despite their productivity, Chinese workers were treated poorly and paid less than other workers. They often handled the more dangerous tasks of carving through granite, first with blasting powder and later with nitroglycerin. Their reputation as laborers spread and soon they were being hired away from the railroad. The Central Pacific raised their monthly wage to $35, but thousands of Chinese workers went on strike, demanding $40. The Central Pacific cut off food and supplies, then sent an intimidating posse up to the Chinese camps. The immigrant workers backed down, accepted the $35 wage, and resumed work." The , is mostly for skilled labor, but includes one Irish laborer who was paid 95¢/day which doesn't seem much different than Chinese. There might be additional relevant . Regarding UPRR wages, quoting the : "April 22, 1868. There will be no difficulty in getting all the hands you want from one dollar to two dollars and fifty cents a day, according to their quality–Brigham Young."
Have you been able to verify the reports about casualties on the other railroads that you mentioned – using primary sources to be sure that these are not myths similar to those made up about the CPRR? (There is a showing in exquisite detail how the stories about workers dangling in woven baskets supposedly used in the construction at Cape Horn were made up in a series of small steps by a succession of authors each embellishing uponthe fabrications of their predecessor.) For example, the web page about the describes "thousands were seriously injured or died" building that other railroad in Canada but then says "These deaths often went unreported." – Any loss of life is tragic, but howcan anyone pretend to know about and especially count "unreported" deaths?

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After many narrow escapes, we arrived at Spitzbergen on the 23rd of June, and anchored at Wijade Bay for a short time, where we were quite successful in our catches.