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Who were the Hippies in Athenian society and how many bushels of olive oil would one have to sell in order to be part of this group.

Ancient Greece: Athens & Sparta - Culture & Society

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Several dozen leather strips recording the color, brand, and value of the cavalry mounts have been found in the Agora, where the cavalry trained.
At age 18, regardless of social status, boys were required to attend two full years of military school
All boys were trained in military tactics but their main education focused on art and literature
Learning to sail and naval tactics were huge aspect of Athenian military training as the Navy of Athens was the largest in the Greek world
By far the largest component of the army was the infantry composed of hoplites
Citizens fighting in a full set of armor.

Democracy can take time with all the arguing and debating

Athenian Women of Ancient Greek Society | …
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As Athenian society evolved, free men were divided between Citizens and Metics. A citizen was born with Athenian parents and were the most powerful group, that could take part in the government of the Polis. After compulsory service in the army they were expected to be government officials and take part in Jury Service.A metic was of foreign birth that had migrated to Athens, to either trade or practice a craft. A metic had to pay taxes and sometimes required to serve in the army. However, they could never achieve full right s of a Citizen, neither could they own houses or land and were not allowed to speak in law courts.


Athenian Women of Ancient Greek Society

particularly in the city of Athens, ..
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In conclusion, there are many differences as well as similarities between the American and Athenian democracies and the American and Athenian societies.

What were the pros of Athenian's Direct Democracy
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Each male child was expected to become a soldier.
Statue of Leonidas
Led by King Leonidas, 300 Spartan soldiers held their own at Thermopylae against a large Persian force led by Xerxes
And Helen Came Up
By William Russell Flint
According to legend, Helen's abduction by the Trojan prince Paris brought about the Trojan War.
Head of Helen by Antonio Canova
Sparta is featured in Greek mythology as the birthplace of Helen, the demigoddess daughter of Zeus and Leda
Amphora Vase
Wall from archaeological site.
City destroyed by Visigoths in 396.
Ruins of Sparta




Classical Civilizations: Ancient Greece
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