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I believe that individual differences influence nearly every aspect of human behavior and interaction, including those in the workplace.

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Operational definitions help make sure that classifications are reliable.
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The behavior hypothesis statement is important because (a) it can be tested, and (b) it provides guidance on the type(s) of interventions that might benefit the student.

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The ultimate goal of organizational behavior is to improve the performance of people, groups and organizations (Schermerhorn, Hunt, Osborn, 2005)....
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The organizational aspect focuses on understanding behavior to enhance employee satisfaction and well-being within the work environment (Spector, 2008).


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One area of study that has increased in importance over the years is the study of organizational behavior....
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Without a clear, specific, measurable definition of the challenging behavior, the teacher is unlikely to select a targeted intervention that will effectively address the behavior (Witt, VanDerHeyden, & Gilbertson, 2004).

The study of organizational behaviour (OB) and its affiliated subjects helps us understand what people think, feel and do in organizational settings.
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Psychology by definition is a discipline that studies both the human mind and behavior and seeks to understand and provide explanation pertaining to thought, emotion, and behavior (Cherry, 2011).

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Sensation deals mainly with very elementary behavior that is determined largely by physiological function. The senses are bombarded by numerous internal and external stimuli and persons use the sense to experience color, shapes, loudness, odor, and taste. Perception is more complex and broader than sensation, and can be defined as an interaction of selection, organization, and interpretation. While perception depends on the senses for raw data, the cognitive process filters and modifies these data.

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Beckhard (1996) defined organizational development as an effort planned, organization wide, and managed from the top, to increase organizational effectiveness and health through planned interventions in the organization’s “process,” using behavior-science (Anderson, 2012, p.2).

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Extended in the formulation of organizational behavior are other academic disciplines-psychology, sociology, economics, anthropology and political science.

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Barnard's sympathy for and understanding of employee needs in the dynamics of the organizational communication process positions him as a bridge to the behavioral school of management many of whose early members were his contemporaries.

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However, the goal of organizational behavior is to integrate the diverse insights of these other disciplines and apply them to real-world problems and opportunities.