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moved his family to Ohio sometime between the births of two children, April 1835 and April 1836.

Lot of 4 denominations; AU-Unc, minor spots.$30.00-40.00+

Good in all Nations, etc"; values of dollar in different countries.

Griffin of Warren Co.Grantee: Aaron Griffin of Warren Co IL.Deed Book 31, p.
Nicer Lot of Older Pinbacks. Includes 7 Hap's Safety Patrol; 8 Husk O'Hare Every Week; Johnny Bench, Cincinnati Reds; 1937-38 Ford Drive; American Legion 1937 large size; James Whitcomb Riley; small balloon, I'm for Free Silver, damaged.

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BZ, top hole, XF; small Taft clothing button, worn; two Washington-Lafayette Journey to Paris, 1917 (BZ, Silver), top loop, XF; National Congress Sons of the American Revolution nice uniface BZ 40mm medal, but large solder marks rev, XF; Seymour WM 18mm, DeWitt HS 1868-11, VF, dark, spots; Dedication of Grant's tomb, AL 22mm, XF; 1904 Roosevelt i.d.


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George Bush Presentation Medal. Rare unfinished example of this large 3" BZ presentation medal: "Vice President of the United States" around eagle/seal, center; rev "George Bush" signature in plain field.

CA Sacramento: Sons of Veterans Badge, 1907. Large multi-colored celluloid 54mm double-sided button, suspended from top pin (Editorial N.E.A.: National Education Association) w/rwb ribbons: Two soldiers with crest, flags, cannons, etc; rev "15th National Irrigation Congress, Sacramento, 1907".

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Balance of consignor 24349: Montreal Coin Convention - 2 pcs, one a lead die trial; William Pitt one-ounce Silver medal; Channel Islands fantasy milk token; German 1870-71 military medal; Japanese Red cross BZ medal; 8 Australian Pennies; Jose Cuervo spinner; 1755 Spanish coin cut-out for jewelry; Geo Washington W-M medal; Colorado Nat'l Monument medal; 2 elongate cents; Pittsburg 1875 Expo WM medal; 2 Belgium WWII occupation tokens; Israel 1970 medal; poor copy of Spanish Pillar dollar; 1805 Irish token; neat silver Spanish proclamation silver medal, holed; PLUS 32+ other, smaller pieces, many quite old, various metals, etc.

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Latin American Bulk Lot of Mixed & Mavericks. Earlier lot of mixed stuff, includes National College Merit Medal, W-M, XF; Honduras: Tegucigalpa Bank Atlantida, 1963; Guatemala?

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1900. Nicer lot: Mary of Lujan, 1895, ornate BZ, 37mm; silver Society medal, 1899, 23mm; Homage to the Directors of the Polytechnic Institute, Salto, 1903, BZ; 100th Year of Independence, 1930, BZ; Soriano Rural and Industrial Society, uniface BZ, undated.

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By Johann Baptist Frener, a Swiss national who became the engraver for the Guatemalan Mint in 1854, and designed most of that nation's coinage from 1854 to 1893.

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Inauguration of the Salta Canal Works, 1903. Obv Seated republic female in flowing robes examining water, ornate; rev 8-line legend on presidency of Julio A Roca.