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I am starting to put together my own party based on this criteria and look at all political debates fairly and with common sense.

What main idea or belief is your political party based upon?

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Create a symbol for your political party and explain why you have chosen that symbol.3.
When you were young, you worked with your parents as they supported their political party and you even helped during campaigns for the candidates your parents supported.

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Until your exposure at college, you always supported the same political party as your parents, but then your views began to change and you developed your own ideas, ideals and expectations.


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Establishing what you hope to achieve will determine your political ideology so I think establishing the objectives of the party come before forming one.

In your opinion, none of the major or third parties truly represents the best interests of the citizens, and you have decided to create your own political party.

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For example, in the 2008 election, the Democrats focused a lot on the economy and the war in Iraq.
Assignment 2 Grading Criteria
Maximum Points
Political party name, symbol, and slogan: Create the name, symbol and slogan of the political party.

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Clear distinction as to type of political party (single-issue, ideological, splinter, or broad based political party)
Platform: Organize platform into the three major issue categories.

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Differentiation of political stand from other political parties.
Brochure/Flyer: Brochure or flyer is clearly organized to present the new party and distinguish it from other political parties.