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Mainstream country music also flourished during the 1970s, 1980s and early 1990s in the hands of established performers and of such newer artists as , Bootleg, , Canadian Zephyr, Glory-Anne Carriere, , Errol Ranville the C-Weed Band, , the Family Brown, , George Fox, , , the Midnite Rodeo Band, Anne Murray, Chris Nielson, Anita Perras, , Donna Ramsey and Lee Roy, R. Harlan Smith, South Mountain, David Thompson, and .

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Country music has had a small place on Canadian TV from the outset, beginning in 1952 with the CBC's 'Holiday Ranch'. Other CBC shows followed, drawing on the established artists - Messer, Phillips, Ganam, Hunter, and Lorrie - for their stars. 'The Tommy Hunter Show' celebrated its 25th annversary in 1989. The later CTV network has presented several short-lived series, including 'Cross Canada Barndance' from Halifax, and programs starring King Ganam and Ronnie Prophet. Privately syndicated programs have included Harry Hibbs' 'At the Caribou' (1969-75), 'Don Messer's Jubilee' (1969-73), and 'The George Hamilton IV Show' (1972-9), all from CHCH TV, Hamilton, and a succession of series starring the Family Brown and Ronnie Prophet from CJOH, Ottawa. Many performers have had local or regional series: Louis Bilodeau ('Soirée canadienne' on CHLT TV, Sherbrooke, Que, 1960), Gary Buck, Jerry and Jo'Anne, Willie Lamothe, , André Lejeune ('À la canadienne' on CFTM, Montreal, 1972-7), Lorrie, Ti-Blanc Richard, Ray St Germain, Brian Sklar, , , and others.


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Barbi Benton, Dick Damron, Raymond Froggatt, Tompall Glaser and Ronnie Prophet opened the first part of the show and were introduced by George Hamilton IV. Following the first interval Larry Gatlin opened the proceedings with music from Joe Ely, Kenny Rogers and Dottie West. The International Country Music Awards was a feature before the show came to a grand finale with Moe Bandy, Ray Lynam & The Hillbillies and Merle Haggard.

Radio remained a valuable performance medium for country artists until it turned in the mid-1950s to the extensive use of records (largely of US origin, although the Canadian content regulations introduced in 1970 altered the balance of programming to some extent). Besides shows starring Don Messer, King Ganam, Cammie Howard, and later Tommy Hunter on the CBC network, many country music shows were heard on independent stations. These included the announcer W.D. 'Billy' Hassell's program (1930s) on CJOR, Vancouver; the , fl 1937-63 in Wingham, Ont; 'Bill Rae's Roundup' (1940s) on CKNW, New Westminster, BC; 'Fiddler's Fling' (1940s; see Orval Prophet) and 'The Happy Wanderers' (1950s, with Joe Brown and Bob King) on CFRA, Ottawa; and 'Main Street Jamboree' (1960s, with the comedian Gordie Tapp, later a star on NBC TV's 'Hee Haw' from Nashville) on CHML, Hamilton. One result of live broadcasts was the phenomenon of announcer-singers - Ted Daigle (CKBY, Ottawa), Earl Heywood (CKNX, Wingham), Ray Kovisto (CKCY, Sudbury, Ont), Stu Phillips, and others. The Toronto station CFGM, the first (1968) to program country music exclusively, produced the syndicated 'Opry North'. Established in 1976 in emulation of Nashville's Grand Ole Opry, it continued until CFGM curtailed its country music policy in 1990. A survey of some 600 Canadian AM and FM radio stations in 1991(Contact: the essential Canadian music business directory, Toronto 1991) found more than 115 programming some percentage of country music.

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Though the major recording companies in Canada, beginning with Victor ( Ltd) and Compo (on its Apex and Point labels), have included country performers on their rosters (see also , CBS Records, London, and Quality), only smaller and often regionally oriented companies of varying longevity have devoted themselves exclusively to the genre. These include Al Reusch's Aragon Records (founded New Westminster, BC, 1947), which recorded Stu Davis, Cowboy Joe and the Salmon River Boys, Keray and Bob Regan, Buddy Reynolds, the Rhythm Pals (with ), Vic Siebert, and others; George Taylor's (1951), which later introduced the Banff label and took over the Celtic line which had been started in 1933; Jack Hosier's Marathon Records (Toronto 1970, taken over in 1975 by Lonnie Salazar's Condor Music), with a roster including , Tommy Hunter, Julie Lynn, and Marg Osburne; Broadland Records (Toronto 1971); 'Stompin' Tom' Connors' (Toronto 1971); R. Harlan Smith's Royalty Records (Edmonton 1974); Book Shop label (Cornwall, Ont, 1980), and Brian Ferriman's Savannah Records (Toronto 1983, with a roster of Terry Carisse, Gary Fjellgaard, the Good Brothers, Matt Minglewood, Anita Perras and Tim Taylor, and Michelle Wright). In Quebec Bonanza and Trans World have had large country rosters. The Thunder Bay impresario and songwriter Don Grashey (d Sept 2005) established three country labels in succession over a 30-year period, Zero, Gaiety, and Golden Eagle, and has played an influential role in the careers of the singers Loretta Lynn, Myrna Lorrie, Carroll Baker, and, in the late 1980s, Cindi Cain. Other independent Canadian labels devoted in whole or in part to country artists have included MBS (operated by the Mercey Brothers), Roto-Noto, Snocan, and . During the 1980s a German label, Cattle, began to issue LPs of recordings from the 1950s by Kidd Baker, Tex Cochrane, Eleanor Dahl, 'Dixie' Bill Hilton and his Calgary Range Riders, Smilin' Johnnie and His Prairie Pals, Reg Smith, Billy Whelan, and others. Among Canadian publishers, , , Empire Music (), , and G.V. Thompson have included country material in their catalogues.

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George Hamilton IV introduced Frisco, David Frizzell, Sydney Devine, Wanda Jackson, Barbara Mandrell & The Do Rights and Red Sovine. Following the interval there was The British Country Music Festival Awards and then the Billboard/Record Mirror Awards were presented by Lyn Paul, Hughie Green and Dorothy Ritter. It was a great honour for me to be one of seven deejays nominated as Disc Jockey of the year at the Billboard (UK) Country Music Awards. The show continued with Larry Cunningham & the Country Blue Boys, George Jones, Jeanne Pruett, Jimmy Payne, Melba Montgomery and Jean Shepard. Other names mentioned as appearing at the festival this year included Jeannie Denver & Vernon Oxford. ** The programme also showed Lefty Frizzell as a guest - but, of course, Lefty died in July 1975 so we don't know whether he was booked to appear.