• The Death Penalty is About Revenge, Nothing More
  • The Death Penalty is About Revenge, Nothing ..
  • The death penalty is more cost-effective.

When considering that the Death Penalty may not prevent violent/serious crime it would appear that is may be a negligible part of the justice system.

Thoughts on the Death Penalty - Capital Punishment U.K

Death penalty: is capital punishment morally justified?

Capital punishment in this sense is and has been life and death. There is nothing in between.
If no deaths are caused by theterrorist act, the sentenceshall be a term of 20 years to natural life imprisonment;if the terrorist act caused the death of one or more persons, however, a mandatory termof natural life imprisonment shall be the sentence if the deathpenalty is not imposed and the person has attained the age of 18 years at the time of the commission of the offense.

Death penalty: is capital punishment morally ..

Justice System Justice System Limited credible information is available regards the positive effects of the death penalty.
Catholic abolitionists make much of how modern improvements in penal systems protect us from dangerous offenders, but these improvements are irrelevant to deterrence. Punishing some murderers with death either deters others from murder or it does not. It is hard to see how the security methods prison officials use to constrain the freedom of murderers in prison could have any effect at all on the behavior of potential murderers not yet in prison.


Death Penalty as an Effective Method of Punishment; Death Penalty: ..

Both are effective punishments, except that the death penalty insures that ..
In the face of such powerful reasons for believing that the death penalty deters murder, opponents often point out that murder rates are lower in abolitionist Europe than in the United States, and lower in some American states without the death penalty than in others with it. But social scientists no longer put much stock in such simple comparisons. All recognize that a myriad of factors affect murder rates. Around the world, there are 42 nations with a murder rate lower than one per 100,000 residents, but another 47 nations with a murder rate higher than 10. No one argues that the better part of these large differences can be explained by how these nations punish murder. Moreover, at least some of the American states that have dropped capital punishment have done so because they did not have much of a murder problem to begin with. For example, when North Dakota abolished the death penalty for all murders in 1973, its murder rate was less than one-tenth of the national average. So it is not surprising that some states without the death penalty today may have lower murder rates than those that have retained it, especially with so many other factors in play.

In most places that practice capital punishment today, the death penalty is reserved ..
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