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THE JEWISH WAR on free speech continues to be waged on American citizens

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Carter cited two roadblocks to freedom of speech on campus ..

that the Supreme Court will not see it as worth compromising free-speech ..
Opinions, advice, recommendations, evaluations and the like were found to be deniable under §87(2)(g) following in camera inspection. Current Law: §87(2)(g); see also McAulay P., John v. Whalen, 75 AD2d 1021 (1980), affirmed 54 NY2d 89 (1981) --
In proceedings arising out of charges of professional misconduct, court denied access to statements made by patients treated by applicant, notes and memoranda of investigating committee from interviews with patients, statements by other physicians regarding charges; deniable under Freedom of Information Law due to statutory exemption under Public Health Law, § 230; Court questioned authority of Committee to render opinions after determination on appeal has been rendered; Committee opinions not binding, should be given weight when in agreement with agency determination. Current Law: § 87 (2) (a), 89 (1) (h)

complaints over a Halloween costume are compromising free speech, ..

America is a country based on freedom of speech and a government ..
Petitioner was denied access to records relating to a federal antitrust action against an electronics manufacturer; Court rejected claims that records were exempted under §343 of General Business Law; that records disclosed would interfere with judicial proceeding or investigation, for their investigation and proceedings had ended; that the records were trade secret; and that witnesses and entities requested that their names and information they provided be kept confidential, since no promises of confidentiality were made; court also said there was nothing presented in motion papers or oral argument that would merit an in camera inspection. See also, Farbman, Cornell, Hawkins, Church of Scientology.


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And indeed the conception of the freedom of speech as a “marketplace” of ideas—where ..
Affirmed Supreme Court’s denial of petition.
Court declined to conduct an in camera inspection based on the agency submission of affidavits that documents either do not exist or were exempt from disclosure. Held that affidavits were sufficient evidence that the agency complied with law.

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Opinions and recommendations that would, if prepared by agency employees, be exempt from disclosure under the Law as "intra-agency materials" do not lose their exempt status simply because they are prepared for the agency, at its request, by an outside consultant. Thus, reports prepared by outside consultants at the request of an agency as part of the agency's deliberative process may be withheld as "intra-agency material". The consultant's opinion or recommendation is not a final agency determination since Freedom of Information Law protects against disclosure of predecisional memoranda or other nonfinal recommendations, whether or not action is taken. To the extent that the access provisions of §51 of the General Municipal Law conflict with the exemptions listed in the Freedom of Information Law, the latter must be read as having engrafted, as a matter of public policy, certain limitations on the disclosure of otherwise accessible records. Court remanded for in camera inspection to determine which portions are available under access provisions of §87(2)(g).

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Court of Appeals held that in applying the Freedom of Information Law, no distinction is made between a volunteer organization on which local government relies for performance of essential public service and an organic arm of government when the volunteer organization is the channel through which services are delivered; Court stressed legislative declaration, which states that public accountability should be extended "wherever and whenever feasible", since volunteer fire company is not exempt from the Freedom of Information Law, it is covered and considered an "agency"; temporary removal of records "does not necessarily oust a permanent possessor of the control which would make it subject to the responsibilities imposed by the Freedom of Information Law"; in camera inspection by court to determine extent to which identifying details may be deleted was proper.

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Notes taken by Secretary to Board of Regents at meetings of the Board are accessible; notes are "records" within scope of the Law and not "personal" in camera inspection resulted in a finding that the notes consisted of "factual data". Current Law: §§§86(4), 87(2)(g), 89

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In a suit in which one agency challenged a denial by another, it was held that the former has the capacity to sue only in conjunction with its ability to carry out its functions prescribed by the State Legislature; access to a report was granted after an in camera inspection and a finding that it consisted of factual materials reflective of a meeting of a legal affairs committee; the affirmation of the report also resulted in a finding that it could be characterized as "instructions to staff that affect the public". Current Law: §87(2)(g)