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Wearied by all this, Charles retired, one of the few historic monarchs, and perhaps the first Emperor since , to do so.

Godfrey de Bouillon was one of the leaders of the first crusade.

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of Norman rule in the Principality of Antioch during the First Crusade.
When they reached the New World, they settled up river from Manhattan, at Fort Orange (Now Albany N.Y.). They lived on the ship until the fort was completed. The following year Catelyntje gave birth to their daughter Sara, who is officially acknowledged as being the first European born child in New York. Some historians have called Joris and Catelyntje, "The Adam and Eve of New Netherlands," and one source calls Catelyntje, "The Mother of New York."

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The final conquest discussed here is the establishment of Norman rule in the Principality of Antioch during the First Crusade
The marriages then contracted for Maximilian and his heirs, with Burgundy, Spain, and Hungary, made the Hapsburgs for long the preeminant ruling family of all of Europe, turning Vienna into one of the great cities of history and one of the great centers in the history of philosophy.
As noted, Maximilian was the first Emperor to call himself , "King of Germany." We also now get the interesting characterization of the Empire as the , the "Holy Roman Empire of the Teutonic [i.e.


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And so we have the historical fulfillment of this Isaiah 30. Or do we? It has been remarked many times that "prophecy is dual." Actually, I believe that many prophecies are multi-layered. That is, they are numerous fulfillment's usually beginning with the physical and literal, moving toward the figurative and spiritual. Example: In the very first book of the Bible, Genesis, we have mention of physical Sodom and Egypt (Genesis 13:10), but in the very last book of the Bible we have mentioned "spiritual" Sodom and Egypt (Rev. 11:8).

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The First Part of Henry the Fourth follows history fairly closely, and Shakespeare draws this history primarily from Raphael Holinshed's Chronicle of England, Scotland, and Ireland and from Samuel Daniel's verse epic The Civil Wars (Abrams 823)....

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Genetically, modern Belgians have a higher proportion of Frankish blood than the French. So, in the same way as the first crusade was led by a Walloon/Belgian (Godfroid de Bouillon), the Muslims were also defeated by a Walloon/Belgian 360 years before.

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Each section of wall and flooring in the Twin Towers weighed approximately 4,545 tons. The first plane took out parts of the building and flooring between floors 93 and 99. So there were 17 floors above the lowest damaged floor. Eleven times 4,545 tons equals 50,000 tons of weight. However, not stationary weight, but moving weight. Fifty thousands tons falling down on the 93rd floor accelerating to a speed of roughly 124 miles per hour. By the time the falling debris reached the 12th floor above street level (the 110 story debris pile was roughly 12 stories high), the weight of the falling material would have been 445,000 tons crashing down at 124 miles per hour! Show me any wall or tower in the history of the world that can compare to such staggering proportions and utter pulverization of some of the strongest materials on earth? Yet Isaiah prophesied of just such a tower falling with such destructive force, IN AN INSTANT, wherein their could not be found a vessel large enough