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The home page for Spirit of Christ Catholic Community in Arvada, Colorado.
While with us, they join in the work of the farm, the communal meals, the daily worship, and the difficult but worthwhile task of making community together. We are, in a sense, a budding eco-village, with a permanent monastic core, and a long-term partner/"good neighbor" component. With a few more stable, committed, enthusiastic and able-bodied participants, we can continue to carry out and expand our spirit-led mandate to live in greater harmony with Earth and her living systems, and to bring others along on the journey.

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40 years of awakening the best in the human spirit — education, inspiration, community. Join us.
Since April 1, 2006 South Beach Casino & Resort has donated over $2,500,000.00 to the South Beach Casino Community Spirit Fund. These donations are providing funds for community projects in the area of economic development, education, cultural/social, health and recreation/sports.

The Catholic Community of the Holy Spirit | Welcome Home
The Community of the Holy Spirit is a monastic community for women in the Episcopal Church, and a witness to the work of the Holy Spirit in the world.