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Assist club in listing possible community service options and then in deciding which project to pursue.

The Peru Gazette - A community news service for Peru, NY

The Peru Gazette | A community news service for Peru, NY

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Success Criteria: The successful completion of a club community service project where the members were actively involved in the planning, conducting, and evaluation of the activity.

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Purpose: To assist club members in planning, conducting, and evaluating a club community service project. To assist with the processing of the experience with members as part of the overall experience.


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Assist club in conducting community service project as planned. Monitor the activities taking place and make adjustments as needed.
After your club has decided upon their community service project, develop a plan. Your members will learn organizational skills in developing such a plan. A plan doesn't have to be overly detailed and formal, but should include the following:

Below you’ll find information regarding available community service projects
Community service can play an important role in 4-H Clubs. A community service project can take many forms depending on your club. Whatever is decided, the community as well as 4-H members benefit. Following are some hints in making your 4-H Club community service project both successful and fun.

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Remember that planning, conducting, and evaluating a community service project is a great opportunity for 4-H members to learn by doing. Therefore, do encourage members to get involved in all phases of the project, including planning. Don't do it all for them.