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[18th century][1720-1775] (bread, ship's bread, corn, rice, pork, flour, beef, salt, sugar, molasses, wine, & rum.

Monthly prices also available; 1762 sample.

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of Commerce, volume 2, series E187-202.
It's just like the 5-cent phone call that now costs 10 cents in many places...The score pad to date...shows a patchwork price pattern across the United States.

Retail food prices are supplied bythe U.S.

of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.
1 McDonald's sold$366.12 worth of 15- cent hamburgers, 19-cent cheeseburgers, 20-cent milkshakes and 10- centsodas and orders of fries."


Source notes are in the introductory pages.

[1881],, November 27, 1881[1893]/Mrs.
Dorrance turned down offers of professorships from Cornell, Columbia, and Bryn Mawr to work with his uncle in the canning industry, not only because of the lucrative salary his uncle offered, but because he had developed an idea whilestudying in the kitchens of Paris.

If our farmers understood the nature of the strawberry as well as they understand the nature of corn, they could easily raise 300 bushels on an acre as 30.

[1902], mail order groceries[1910] , March 27, 1910 (p.

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SM14) compares London & New York.

According to Burson, Keough and Goizueta had dinner the night before the board met to decide on the new CEO. The each vowed to stay on if the other was chosen. Keough did indeed stay on, and Goizueta quickly named him Coke's president, a job he kept until retiring in 1993.

Bureau of LaborStatistics...1913-present

He believed that condensed canned soup would be a very attractive product for three basic reasons: it was less expensive to ship, it took up lessshelf space, and it was infinitely more convenient.

Food was generallyincluded with the price of room.

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These establishments offered meals to the general public.

But as, like baker's loaves, they become each year small by degrees and beautifully less, it would be hazardous for us to assert how many of these infinitesimal units will make a quart this season.

Menus were nonexistant; prices were fixed.

Campbell's tomato soup was introduced in 1897 and was instantly popular...And at just 10 cents a can, Campbell's Soup cost one-third as much as ready-to-eat soup....The distinctive red and white label--inspired by Cornell University's school colors, was introduced in 1898..."
---"Campbell's Soup," , Volume 1: Consumable Products, Janice Jorgensen editor [St.