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Oct 14, 2015 · 11 Books That Will Change Your Perspective On Mental Illness They're also informative, engaging and rewarding reads.

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Vulnerability to hunger in Africa A climate change perspective Thomas E
At that age, I was oblivious to art and culture. I had visited science and natural history museums, but European art and culture was alien to me. About the only exposure to other cultures was knowing my Mexican-American friends and watching on TV, not for the Eastern philosophy but for how Kwai Chang Caine kicked righteous butt every show (only when egged into it, so I thought). I was a fan. I had no interest or even knowledge about what to become "expert" in, which largely why I did not want to go, because of the homework required to prepare. I saw the tour as a wasted summer, when I could be playing golf and hanging out with my friends. When the list finally came to me, about the only part not taken was a man named Vincent van Gogh and Holland. I had never heard of him, but had to study his life and work to play tour guide in Holland and the museums that housed his work. I discovered the world of art, and to this day van Gogh is my favorite artist. I have stared at his paintings and drawings for many hours, sometimes mesmerized in museums while viewing his work. If I did not have to earn a living, I might prefer being an art historian.

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The woman's eyelids fluttered, and within seconds of being given Isaac Brown's information she said, "I keep getting the impression that he is black," and she then held up the hand where Isaac was missing half of his index finger, bent the finger where it was severed and said, "He is missing the end of this finger." From the moderator reading Isaac's name to her holding up her finger took less than ten seconds. The first ten seconds of her first “case” changed my life forever. The "probability-and-outcome skeptics" who try explaining such events as sheer luck or fraud carry no weight with me. The odds of somebody trying to act psychically after finishing 40 hours of training, and having a "hit" such as that on their first attempt, and attributing it to coincidence, is one in millions. The "skeptics" can never take away my knowledge with their pronouncements and arguments. I . They have only empty theories; I have .


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Then it was my turn. It can make people nervous to perform that way. It felt like I was making it up, but when you go deeply into Level, that mind chatter is suppressed. When the impressions come, keeping the intellect at bay is the key to being accurate. In my first case, I said the woman had a stroke that had paralyzed her right side. One diagnostic tool is "putting on" the head of the person being read, and feeling what the person feels. That was how I diagnosed the paralysis. My "wild guesses" and irrational feelings were correct. Everybody in the class had similar experiences. I discovered that day that the abilities of human consciousness were barely dreamed of by mainstream society. I have sat in several Silva classes (attending the class for the rest of my life was free for many years, but I think that they now charge a small fee) and have regularly witnessed students experiencing "hits" similar to the ones I saw in my first class.

Giants fans and beer geeks alike will find plenty to love at this inviting Boogie Down pub. About a dozen flatscreens and one projector screen show NFL, NBA and soccer events, and the patrons are less interested in screaming matches than low-key ribbing. The brew selection, meanwhile, is massive; 16 taps change often (on a recent visit, we sampled Greenport Harbor’s smoky Black Duck Porter; $6), and more than 30 bottles and cans are available, plus one cask.

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As illustrated in this chart of Ice Core data from the , CO2 concentrations in earth's atmosphere move with temperature. Both temperatures and CO2 have been on the increase for 18,000 years. Interestingly, CO2 lags an average of about 800 years the temperature changes-- confirming that CO2 is not a primary driver of the temperature changes (9).

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My father built a pyramid with a wooden frame and clear plastic stretched between the frames, which formed its planes. Such pyramids are usually built to the relative dimensions of the Great Pyramid at Giza, as my father did. My father made the pyramid about four feet wide at its base. He designed it to be suspended from the ceiling over a chair, so that somebody could sit under it. Nobody in our family really used it, and my father eventually hung it from the ceiling in a corner of our enclosed, fiberglass roof patio, to get it out of the way. On the patio were pet cages (my brothers and I raised rats and mice), bicycles and other assorted clutter. On a table, my mother had some houseplants, and one was vine-like and hung over the table’s edge, dangling a few feet, with its end nearly touching the ground. My father hung the pyramid on the patio. The pyramid's base was about five feet off the ground. It was a couple feet above the table that held the plant, and a couple feet away horizontally. About a week later, I was sitting on the patio and noticed that plant. It is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. The vine dropped down over the table as it had been, but at about a foot below the tabletop the vine made about a 130 turn, and more than a foot of the vine's end was pointing into the air and aiming at the pyramid! In botany, the phenomenon known as phototropism is how plants can grow toward a light. That plant was growing toward the center of the pyramid, about where the King's Chamber is in the Giza pyramid.

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An educational trip through earths distant and recent past. Also contains useful information and illustrations relating to the causes of climate change.