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15/12/2017 · Trump managed to delude the white poor that their interest lies with the wealthy elite. This is killing US capitalism.

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What Native Americans called Mother Earth ." One man's living space or labor is stolen or exploited and called capital by the thief. Smith's theorizing is an abstraction, a systematic and artificial way of viewing the world. By itself, there is nothing wrong with that, or Marx's theorizing. They are not reality, but . When they become dogmatic catechisms drilled into young heads like mine, then they become methods of control. . Any system is simply a tool. Do we not discard wrenches if they break and are no longer useful? The systems usually benefit those who devised them; which includes nationalism, religion, and communism.

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Capitalism Why the Pursuit of Shareholder Value Kills Innovation Is innovation against the interests of the shareholder-owned firm?
Land that was used to grow food for the local population is instead used to grow food or other crops (such as jute) for export. The local population starves so that they can pay off the IMF loan, which went into their dictator's pockets. That is not a rare occurrence, but a typical neocolonial mechanism used to ." The relief organization has published numerous papers on that issue. The last time I looked in the late 1990s, of the forty poorest nations on earth, thirty-six exported food to the USA. That is how America gets cheap bananas, while the people picking the bananas, such as in Costa Rica and , cannot afford to feed their children. Billions of people have been exploited in just that fashion. That is why it is called . The American flag does not fly over Costa Rica and Guatemala, but America gets their food. If the banana pickers rise up against those exploitative conditions, the United States bankrolls death squads to keep the people in line, as in , , and so on. If it gets too out of control, then America sends in the Marines to "." Wink, nudge. Suharto and friends raped the Indonesian economy in neocolonial fashion to the tune of $60 billion, which eventually collapsed an economy that was already enslaved to Western interests. The IMF “rode to the rescue” in 1998, and its SAP was so draconian that the populace rose up and toppled Suharto.


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Americans did a pretty good job of protecting themselves against concentrated corporate power, corporate governance through the first half of the 19th century. But what then happened was that the railroads and the telegraph came along. And these technologies destroyed the traditional distance that had always separated one regional market from another. Up to that point, one of the main factors that had helped to protect people against monopoly was that you couldn’t send information or goods very far, very fast. This meant you could only control the supply of something within the local community. Which in turn meant that our state laws were usually sufficient to protect us against monopoly. But the railroad and the telegraph allowed the capitalists to escape the control of our state governments and to project power over great distances. For a little while, the railroad corporations themselves became the most powerful enterprises in America. But then a few people figured out how to leverage the railroad monopolies to make something even bigger, like Standard Oil. Rockefeller’s greatest skill was in leveraging the railroad monopolies to make his company more powerful.

So the plutocrats came back. The lords came back. We had escaped the lords in 1776. And then for most of the next 85 years we had ourselves a nice, little democracy—or at least, the white men in America had a nice, little democracy. But after the Civil War, the lords came back. Capitalists used the railroads in ways that empowered them to reconstitute their power. The big difference is that the new lords were not so much lords of the landed estates as they were lords of industry. A man named Barber was the lord of wooden matches in this country. A man named Havemeyer was the lord of refined sugar. John D. Rockefeller was the lord of kerosene and oil. And we would pay tribute to these men who had captured control over these industries.

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Governments can be prodigiously wasteful, but and profiting off of and (or the fear of it) may be the darkest aspect of our capitalistic system. Those areas are precisely where the big money is made in America.

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Kazukiyo Gowa is pretty goddamned corrupt, from using hollowed out demons to develop mecha, resulting in his brother's death, his adopted brother's borderline slavery to the family and nearly killing his sister for a new demon, to taking part in a coup that will result in either Japan being left completely bankrupt, or Japan and America both completely bankrupt, only to get a hold of the entire county's financial Data, so he can restart the stockmarket with his hands holding all the cards.

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Which means, if I’m a carpenter, I have a right to use my skills as a carpenter. If I make beer, I have a right to use my skills making beer as I alone see fit. I don’t have a right to force anyone to buy my beer. I merely have a right to go out and compete in an open market against other people making beer, without interference by any giant corporation that had captured control over the market for beer. Senator Sherman spoke a lot about what he called “industrial liberty.” Louis Brandeis, the activist lawyer who was named to Supreme Court, used that same language of industrial liberty. What industrial liberty meant is the right to engage in whatever industrial activity that you wanted to engage in freely, without someone coming along and using a giant corporation to prevent you from doing so.

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That is not right wing paranoia. It is happening as I write this, so well documented that it cannot be denied, but the capitalist press has been busy brainwashing the American public, with the banging the drum. In the late 1990s, there was the debt "crisis" in Indonesia, Korea, Brazil, and several Asian nations. South Korea’s citizens protested the help that the IMF was about to give, and they knew how the deal would go down. In addition, the international currency markets have been turned into almost purely speculative affairs, a kind of global casino, something that even the has remarked on. The poor are the people paying for those policies, as usual.