• The Canadian Justice System is not soft.
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This paper will explain the reforms that have taken place within the criminal justice system that developed the juvenile justice system....

The Canadian justice system is unique in the world

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One is the Adult Criminal Justice System, and the other is the Juvenile Justice System.
The concept of justice is fundamental to Canadian society. Our expectations of how we are treated by others – from government agencies to members of our community – spring from laws made by various levels of government. Learn more about Canada’s court system by clicking on the links below:

Study finds Canadians have little confidence in justice system

The system in place to keeping everything fair and safe is called the criminal justice system.
is Canada's final court of appeal. Its nine judges represent the four major regions of the country. Three of them must be from Quebec, to adequately represent the civil law system.


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As a result, they have come to mistrust the Canadian legal system and will avoid it when possible.
Negotiations may be required to establish and clarify the legal basis for Aboriginal justice systems and the resolution of the potential for jurisdictional conflicts with existing courts.

That is, whose law would an Aboriginal justice system in Canada apply?
The program was a very impressive indication of how tribal residents, with little formal training, can develop the skills needed to administer all aspects of a court system.

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One also might suspect that the legal experts available to assist tribes to establish tribal court systems are trained in Anglo-American jurisprudence to such an extent that their tendency is to recommend forms and legal processes taught at conventional law schools.

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This permits new members of tribal court systems to attend programs of interest relatively shortly after their selection, while experienced individuals can choose from more advanced or specialized offerings.

How does the Canadian Criminal Justice System Work?

However, the overwhelming majority of Indian nations opted to ignore Anglo-American influences and continued to follow customary laws and governmental systems that had existed for centuries prior to European colonization.

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Adopting a Western legal style with formal educational requirements can lead to a loss of Aboriginal uniqueness and much of the strength that tribal courts possess, particularly their informality and acceptance within the community.

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At that symposium we heard from several American tribal court judges and court officials about the manner in which they go about their work and solve the myriad of jurisdictional, legal, administrative and political problems that continually affect them.