• How much of the world’s fresh water is in Canada?
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Water is an important part of oil sands production. As the oil sands industry grows, so does the demand on Canadian water resources.

I am da Governor of California and we need water from Canada.

Western Canada Water Enterprises Ltd in one way or another.

This focus of this web site is the Water War Crimes committed in Canada by Canadians.
So as you celebrate our nation's birthday, also honour our greatest wealth -- our water. Contact your local water conservation group to learn where your water comes from and what you can do to protect it.

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The Grand Plan to Loot Canada's Water Resources and the Traitors Within.

This is a part of the Water War Crimes story that proves there is a criminal gang operating inside the provincial civil service in British Columbia and in the federal civil service operating throughout Canada that is prepared to kill people to protect its other members.


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Lake trout are one of Canada’s largest freshwater fish. Just look at some of these pictures!
Yet there is hope. Over the past nine months, young Canadians collected more than 140 million pennies to bring clean water to communities overseas, and many of them have been part of the H2O 4U speaking tour to educate young Canadians about water conservation.

The issue of water exports has a high level of political sensitivity in Canada and public interest groups are opposed to the issue.
Canada, which owns more freshwater resources than any other country, is moving to ban bulk exports. Greenland, Iceland and New Zealand are searching for investors.

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But all those problems, said Gleick, are insignificant compared to the cost of transport. At the end of the day, S2C's water is more than 18 times more expensive than existing sources.

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Nevertheless, Bartlett was optimistic about his company's future. In his opinion, S2C overcame a major hurdle by finding a deepwater port in India that can accommodate the large class vessels. It also helps that the ports at either end are quipped to load and unload the water quickly. Every day that a ship sits in port costs the company $50,000-$60,000.

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"(The process of) reverse osmosis can turn seawater into potable water," said Gleick. After that, "you basically tune the system to the kind of water you want."

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Gleick acknowledged that the price of desalinated water doesn't take into account the environmental costs. However, he said that the mineral-leaching problem comes from overly purified water and can be easily solved. Plant operators will either add minerals back into the desalinated water or mix it with existing tapwater. "This is routine (at) desalination plants."

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Canada’s oil sands industry is a leader in researching and implementing technologies to maximize recycling and using saline groundwater or other non-fresh water sources as alternatives to fresh water. Water optimization efforts have allowed increased bitumen recovery over the last two decades without proportional increases in fresh water use, and this trend is expected to continue in the future.