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Radiatronics NDT, Inc. is our Factory Authorized Service Center for: Krautkramer-Branson ; Hocking NDT Instruments ; Thickness Gauges; Flaw Detectors

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Machine Testing and Calibration solutions are critical to ensuring the health of your assets
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Our goal is to provide quality service. If you want cheap service, you can find it in lots of places. But, if you are looking for quality service, you will find it here. We don’t just fix the “problem”, we clean your instrument thoroughly, inside and out. We repair cracks in your instrument’s case, replace broken knobs, handles, etc.

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Surface topography measuring instruments are usually calibrated by tracing profiles of a reference specimen
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Fluxgate sensors were called "Flux Valves" prior to WW2. At that time the indicator was a 400 cps Syslen and the Flux Valve was constructed on a "spider" that had 3 legs each 120 degrees apart. The coils were wound on bobbins and slipped onto the legs. An outer ring was then attached to the central core and this ring had three gaps. The whole assembly was mounted on a pendulum and part of the calibration was to be sure that the center of mass of the Flux Valve was centered so that it would hang plumb. See my page for more on them. The uses this "Y" type core.


Holistic calibration of three-dimensional micro …

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Vector wrist top computer (thermometer, altimeter, barometer, compass, watch - I have one of these) - Although I have not experienced it, there are reports that all batteries have ferrous metal and typically are magnetized and might cause trouble with the compass. The instructions say to re-calibrate the compass every time the battery is changed. The person making the complaint may have been in a strong magnetic field that changed the batteries magnetic field.
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-makes a number of quality compasses and other outdoor items like
- = Army M2 comes calibrated in either degrees or mils (1 mil is 1 meter lateral @ 1,000 meters range)
-Marine and Air Navigation Instruments - -
- manufacturer of Lensatic Compass -
- Current Lensatic Compass manufacturer
- - drift-free dead reckoning navigation system - Engineering Evaluation Kit is $2,495 (2/13/99) -
There are 3 magnetometers and 3 accelerometers on orthogonal axes, plus a barometric altimeter. The accelerometer triad senses the gravity vector to tilt compensate the compass, and is also used for stride detection. Distance is measured by counting the user's steps (whose length is calibrated by GPS or other method) rather than by double integrating the accelerometer data. GPS and DR data are combined in an on board Kalman filter.
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Microstrain, Inc. - Orientation sensor 3 magnetometers & 3 accelerometers
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Pergamon Int. J. Mach. Tools Manufact. Vol. 35, No.2, pp. 281-288, 1995 Elsevier Science Ltd. Printed in Great Britain 0890-6955/9557.00 + .00 HOLISTIC CALIBRATION OF THREE-DIMENSIONAL MICRO-TOPOGRAPHY SYSTEMS EVARaSTUS MAINSAH, WEIPING DONG AND KENNETH J. STOUT CENTRE FOR METROLOGY SCHOOL OF …
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ll instruments are calibrated to the manufacturer’s specifications and certified to be in compliance with both the manufacturer’s specifications and applicable codes. Our test blocks, voltmeters, oscilloscopes, etc., are kept in calibration to N.I.S.T. Our service organization has been audited by many ISO 9000 companies, nuclear power plants, etc., and has never been “gigged” for anything.

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We offer repair, calibration and reconditioning of your instruments. Our factory trained technicians have over twenty years of experience. We offer a 48-hour turn around on most work, and we guarantee our work. You can trust us to get the job done right.

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If you can’t afford to purchase a new instrument, why not let us recondition your old instrument for a fraction of the price of a new one. Before you scrap your old instrument, talk to us about reconditioning, it may be worth it. If not, its components and accessories may be worth something to us.