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Also, some children may behave the way they do because of the way they are treated at home....
Skinner had many ideas in the world of psychology, but what most famous for his ideas of radical behaviorism, operant conditioning, and positive and negative reinforcement....

Skinner, whose full first name is Burrhus Frederic.

From this J.B Watson and other behaviourists argued psychology should be indicative of predicting and controlling overt behaviour using the conditional reflex.


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Expanding on the theories of, Skinner engaged in strict scientific study of human behavior and proposed the application of psychology to the deliberate engineering of human societies.

Although Skinner’s primary interest was in human behavior, most of his research was done on animals using laboratory apparatus well known as the Skinner box.

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“I did not direct my life. I didn’t design it. I never made decisions. Things always came up and made them for me. That’s what life is.”– B. F. Skinner

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Burrhus Frederic (B.F.) Skinner is known as one of the most influential American psychologists. His theory? We are what we do. Not only that, we can change what we do for the better.

Skinner, first published in 1948

Have you ever trained a dog or other animal to perform a trick? Whether it’s rolling over or performing a more unusual trick that lands you on Dave Letterman’s show, you’re following in Skinner’s footsteps. His work was based on the idea that learning is a function of change in overt behavior.

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The smell of the food is automatically making the child become hungry and start thinking of the food being prepared, which is the naturally occurring reaction when someone smells food....

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A simple idea in dog terms, but more complicated when it comes to people. In fact, Skinner once boasted, “Give me a child, and I’ll shape him into anything.”

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This experiment, which began in 1889, had an influence on the development of physiologically oriented behaviorist theories of psychology in the early years of the nineteenth century.