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11 of the World’s Best Overwater Bungalows: Vacation Like the 1%

Enthusiasm for bungalow homes became a mania in the 1910s and `20s

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I will tell you one thing: after entering my teens and my family moving uptown to Rockaway Park, I realized that there was absolutely no advantage having an Italian name in an Irish town. So I immediately learned a bunch of Irish songs and that worked out fairly well since I was always able to sing a pretty good tune. Then I was impressing this beautiful 14-year-old Irish girl who I had met and ended up marrying, believe it or not, a marriage that lasted 36 wonderful years. We both shared our love of the ocean and always had a boat that we spent many great vacations aboard. When the beaches were closed and the boat was in drydock we would still be walking the beach every nice day there was, right through the winters. I could not count how many hurricanes that we were right in the middle of, either on the boardwalk or the beach, taking pictures, getting soaked and laughing till our stomachs hurt. My memories in Rockaway are boundless, one better then the next.
Sal (Siranni) Palisi
Rockaway Beach, NY
March, 2010

Even the word was new, exciting and fashionable - bungalow.

Mar 19, 2015 · 11 of the World’s Best Overwater Bungalows: Vacation Like the 1%
My family lived in NYC and in the 1950s and early '60s we would take the 60-90 minute ride on the E train to Rockaway Beach on weekends and my mother and father would book a week in one of the bungalows or rent a room in one of the homes near Rockaway Playland. We would go to Playland with only a couple of dollars and have a ball. Many of my grammar school classmates also spent time there. There were a lot of Irish and Irish-American families as I remember but there were Jewish and Italian families as well. Boy did we spend hours in the ocean and got some pretty severe sunburns.
Ed Rafter
Overland Park, KS (NYC at heart)
November, 2010


Teaching the American 20s: Small Town, Big City: House …

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On weekends, we always had visitors. It was amazing how many people would fit in the bungalow. We would sleep on Army cots! My dad and brother would listen to ball games on the radio or sometimes watch a game on TV with our neighbors, the Brays.

maintained a home and business in the 6400 block of Cermak Road in the 1910s and '20s.
My parents met on B. 66th Street in the hotels in 1957 (my father had a bungalow) and since I was born in September, I guess I was spending summers in Rockaway since before I was born. We always had a bungalow (or a hotel room) between B. 29th and B. 26th streets until I was 18. My friends and I ran bingo games in the courtyard between B. 25th and B. 26th Streets for years. In keeping with the fact that we Adelsons are always the last to leave the party, my parents kept renting until around 1986 or so (Beach 27th Street) -- even after 1984, when all of my friends had stopped coming to B. 26th and B. 25th Streets. I'm still friends with a lot of those people now, even if it's only by phone, Facebook, or the occasional reunion. The time in the bungalows was some of the best of my life. I try to describe it to my wife, but there is nothing like having been there. Thank you for making this film. Having seen it, I can’t wait to own it.
Randy Adelson
Brooklyn, NY
August, 2010

Bungalows have nice private pools and it’s located on the beach.

Born in 1959, I grew up going to Breezy Point every summer to bungalows handed down from both the German side of my family and the Irish. (My grandparents met at an Irish/German dance at the Point.) That was my first exposure of my true heritage - not the one I currently knew in Washington, D.C. Twenty-five years later in Ireland, I saw a parade that resembled the ones we hand at Breezy Point. The zaniess of the Irish: It's no different on either side of the pond!! My friends in DC don't know what they are missing since they lack a strong heritage such as the one we knew at Breezy Point!
Valerie Schnibbe Smith
Annandale, VA
August, 2010

Roaring '20s Bungalow with 'Speakeasy Room' Asks $300K - Curbed

I spent the summer of 1948 at Arverne, and Wilma spent the summers in Edgemere. Every night I would walk down the boardwalk alive with the scent of the ocean air, imagining the girls I might dance with as I approached the jukebox outside the emporium on 39th Street... and one night we finally met. And we danced... and we talked, and discovered that Wilma had been to my bar mitzvah six years earlier! She knew one of the four other boys that I was bar mitzvahed with! Next year, in 2011 we will be celebrating our 60th Anniversary. We'll never forget the memories of bungalows in Rockaway as we recollect our anniversaries over the years.
Carl Zimmerman
Queens, New York City
August, 2010

The Charming Bungalow - Phoenix, Natrentals, LLC - Natrentals, LLC

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