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 KUAN YIN meditation Spiritual energy Goddess art Buddha Print of painting by Sue Halstenberg
Benzaiten, the water goddess, comes in many forms, is worshiped in many ways, and is said to bring all manner of material gain. Some of her roles include Goddess of Water, Learning, Oral Eloquence, Music, Poetry, Speech, Rhetoric, Performing Arts, Wealth, Longevity, one who can end droughts or deluges (and is thus said to control ), one who protects the nation against natural disaster, and one who protects warriors and brings victory on the battlefield. In many ways, she is best classified as a native "Shintoized" kami rather than an imported "Buddhasized" deity. Her depictions in Japan differ greatly from her conventional portrait found in the , the Dainichi-kyō, and other scriptures, thus highlighting the development of Japan's own unique Benzaiten cult. Her traditional and underwent significant alteration from the 12th-13th centuries onward. Primary changes included (1) putting a shrine gate and human-headed snake () atop her head, (2) replacing some of the weapons in her hands with wealth-bringing icons, (3) carving her in the nude, (4) linking her to the wish-granting jewel and to jewel-carrying dragons, snakes, and foxes, (5) linking her to numerous Hindu-Buddhist-Kami deities in a convoluted -- even confusing -- web of associations; and (6) depicting her as a . The below sections explore her various forms both chronologically and thematically, followed by her associations.

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Kuan Yin spiritual art Buddha poster Tibetan Buddhism Goddess Tara print of painting
If you click the image of Senju Kanno shown at the right, a close look will reveal the “goddess” has a mustache.

Much later, in the mid-17th century, outlawed Japanese Christians (mostly in the Nagasaki area) created statues of the Virgin Mary (Mother of Jesus) disguised as the Buddhist deity Kannon (Goddess of Mercy).


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This child-giving form of Kannon incorporates the functions of , the Shintō goddess of easy childbirth, and was reportedly developed late in popular Buddhism to supplant the Shintō deity.

Kuan Yin spiritual art Buddha poster Tibetan Buddhism Goddess Tara print of painting