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ambassador to Britain, met in London with Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman Adja, the resident Tripolitan ambassador, to try to negotiate a peace treaty to protect the United States from the threat of Barbary piracy.

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for Quebec
ATH -----Abbreviated Trouble History
ABB -----abbreviation
HRV -----abbreviation for Croatia
ANM -----Abbreviation with No Meaning
AAI -----"Abbreviations, Acronyms and Initialisms"
ABD -----abdicated
AXR -----Abdominal X-Ray
AUJ -----Aberdeen University Journal
AZV -----Abfallzweckverband
AYN -----Aboriginal Youth Network
ABT -----About
ABV -----above
AAB -----Above And Beyond
ALQ -----Abraham Lincoln Quarterly
AJM -----Abrasive Jet Machining
AWJ -----Abrasive Water Jet
ABR -----abridged
AJV -----Abrupt Junction Varactor
AWL -----Absent With Leave
ABF -----Absolute Bloody Final (drink)
AOF -----Absolute Open Flow
AQU -----Absolute Quality University
AWT -----Abstract Window Toolkit (java)
AYV -----Abutilon Yellow Virus
AIS -----Academic Instruction School
AYG -----Academic Year Grant
AZG -----Academisch Ziekenhuis Groningen
AGK -----Academy of Goju Karate
AIB -----Academy of International Business
AJK -----Academy of Japanese Karate
ACC -----Accelerate
AGP -----Accelerated Graphics Port
ARI -----Accelerated Research Initiative
APG -----Accelerating Population Growth
AQL -----Acceptable Quality Level
AUP -----Acceptable Use Policy
ABU -----Acceptance for Beneficial Use
AII -----Acceptance Inspection Instruction
ATR -----Acceptance Test Report
AHC -----Accepting Houses Committee
AXS -----access
ACL -----Access Control List
ARL -----Access Rights List
ASG -----Access Service Group
ASR -----Access Service Request
AUI -----Access Unit Interface
AIU -----Accident Investigation Unit
ADB -----Accidental Death Benefit
APV -----Accounts Payable Voucher
AIM -----Accuracy In Media
AQJ -----Ace-Queen-Jack
AQX -----Ace-Queen-Unknown
ABE -----Acetone-Butanol-Ethanol (solvent)
AXM -----Acetoxycyclohexamide
ACH -----Acetylcholine
ACD -----acid citrate dextrose
ACK -----acknowledged
CUU -----ACM Conference on Universal Usability
ANS -----Acorn NetStation
AUN -----Acorn Universal Networking
ACQ -----acquisition
AQP -----Acquisition Quality Plan
ALR -----Action Leakage Rate
ASH -----Action on Smoking and Health
ACX -----Active Control eXperts
AGN -----Active Galactic Nucleus
AUO -----Active User Object
ADO -----ActiveX Data Objects
AIJ -----Activities Implimented Jointly
AIO -----"Activities, Interests and Opinions"
ABH -----Actual Bodily Harm
AGW -----Actual Gross Weight
AGZ -----Actual Ground Zone
ANP -----Actual Navigation Performance
AML -----Acute Myeloid Leukemia
AMI -----Acute Myocardial Infarction
APU -----Acute Psychiatric Unit
ARF -----Acute Respiratory Failure
AUL -----Acute Undifferentiated Leukemia
AHM -----Acutely Hazardous Materials
AHG -----Ad Hoc Group
ADL -----Ada design language
QVJ -----Adams (Massachusetts) Library
ALN -----Adaptive Learning Network
ACS -----Additional Curates Society
ADR -----Additional Dialogue Recording (film jargon)
ADY -----Additional Duty
AXC -----Additional eXtended Coverage
AEC -----Additional Extended Coverage
AVC -----Additional Voluntary Contributions
AKR -----Address Key Register
AMP -----Adenosine MonoPhosphate
AYP -----Adequate Yearly Progress
ABO -----Adiabatic Born-Oppenheimer
AMF -----Adios My Friend
ADJ -----Adjutant
ADM -----administration
AAJ -----Administrative Appeals Judge
ACO -----Administrative Contract Office
ARE -----Admiralty Research Establishment
ARJ -----Admission Reject
AOX -----Adsorbable Organohalogens
ADV -----advance
AAH -----Advanced Attack Helicopter
AEG -----Advanced Engineering from Germany
AXX -----Advanced Exchange Experiment
AXV -----Advanced Experimental Vehicle
AXL -----Advanced eXtended markup Language
AFW -----Advanced FireWire
AGR -----Advanced Gas-cooled (nuclear) Reactor
AGC -----Advanced Graduate Certificate
AIN -----Advanced Intelligent Network
AIX -----Advanced Interactive eXecutive
AJT -----Advanced Job Training
AJP -----Advanced Joint Planning
APT -----Advanced Passenger Train
AQF -----Advanced Quick Fix
ARS -----Advanced Righting System
ASS -----Advanced Sensor System
ASX -----Advanced Systems eXcellence
ATB -----Advanced Technology Bomber
ATX -----Advanced Technology Extended [Format]
AVS -----Advanced Visual Systems
AWM -----Advanced Warehouse Management
AXF -----Advanced X-Ray Facility
VAN -----adVANtage (tennis)
AEL -----Adverse Effect Level
ACY -----Advocates for Children and Youth
AEQ -----aequalis (Latin: equal)
AOT -----Aerosol Open Test
AET -----"aetatis (Latin: at the end of, aged) "
AFF -----affiliated
AFG -----Afghanistan
AFR -----Africa
ANC -----African National Congress
AVU -----African Virtual University
ACP -----"African, Carribean and Pacific (countries) "
AWB -----Afrikaner Weerstandbeweging (right-wing political party in South Africa)
ZAF -----Afrique du Sud (code ISO de pays)
AFT -----after
ADS -----After Dinner Speaking
AHR -----After Heat Removal
ARO -----After Receipt of Order
AXY -----Aftercastle Yearbook
AOE -----Age Of lEgends
AFP -----Agence France-Presse
ARH -----Agence rgionale de l'hospitalisation
AGY -----agency
AQW -----Agenda Quik-Writing
AGT -----agent
AXT -----AGETOR XML Transformation
AXJ -----Agility Excellent Jumper
AWF -----Aging Waste Facility
AGD -----Agreed
AGE -----Agricultural Engineer
ALT -----Agricultural Lands Tribunal
ARC -----Agricultural Research Council
AUA -----Agricultural Unit of Account
AKE -----Agrotikon Komma Ellados
AHD -----Ahead
AAL -----Aid Association for Lutherans
ANB -----Aids to Navigation Boat
AAK -----"Aim, Attack, Kill"
ACM -----Air Chief-Marshall
ADC -----Air Defence Command
AEM -----Air Efficiency Medal
AFB -----Air Force Base
AFH -----Air Force Handbook
AFM -----Air Force Medal
AHU -----Air Handling Unit
AJX -----Air Japan
AKL -----Air Kilroe
ALO -----Air Liaison Officer
ANG -----Air National Guard
AOA -----Air Officer in charge of Administration
APZ -----Air Patrol Zone
AQA -----Air Quality Assessment
AQC -----Air Quality Control
AQD -----Air Quality Digest
AQG -----Air Quality Guidelines
AQI -----Air Quality Index
AQM -----Air Quality Monitoring
AQS -----Air Quality Standard
AQV -----Air Quality Valuation
ASO -----Air Staff Officer
AAM -----Air to Air Missile
ATC -----Air Traffic Control
ATA -----Air Transport Auxillary
AVH -----Air Vehicle Handler
AWS -----Air Warfare Course
AWI -----Air Water Interface
ABN -----AirBorN
AEW -----Airborne Early Warning
CVW -----Aircraft Carrier Air Wing
AHV -----Aircraft Handling Vehicle
AIK -----Aircraft Installation Kits
AOG -----Aircraft on Ground
ACW -----AirCraftWoman
ACV -----Air-Cushion Vehicle
ALW -----Air-Launched Weapon
AQE -----Airman Qualifying Examination
AOV -----Air-Operated Valve
ATZ -----Airport Traffic Zone
ARP -----Air-Raid Precautions
ASI -----AirSpeed Indicator
AUM -----Air-to-Underwater Missile
AWY -----Airway
ASK -----Akademische Software Kooperation
AGA -----Aktiebolaget Gasackumulator (cooker)
AHK -----Aktiv Hinten Kinematik
ABZ -----"Al, Bill, and Zorn Manufacturing, Inc.


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CIE -----Companion of (the order of) the Indian Empire
COB -----Companion Of the Bath
CNI -----Companion of the Nautical Institute
CSG -----Companion of the order ofthe Star of Ghana
COY -----Company
CBX -----Company Branch (telephone) eXchange
CSM -----Company Stage Manager
CUO -----Compaq Users Organization
CMW -----Compartmented Mode Workstation
CLU -----Compatible Land Use
CEP -----Compensatory Equipment Package
CFT -----Complement Fixation Test
CAK -----Complete Accessory Kit
CJP -----Complete Joint Penetratation (welding)
CKE -----Complete Kuula Edition
CBU -----Completely Built-Up
CKD -----Completely Knocked Down (of goods for sale)
CXT -----Complexiteitstheorie
CTK -----Composite Tool Kit
CWU -----Composite Weighted (Work) Unit
CPD -----compound
CVH -----Compound Valve-angle Hemispherical-head
CGL -----Comprehensive General Liability (Insurance Policy)
CNG -----Compressed Natural Gas
CVF -----Compressed Volume File
WMZ -----compressed Windows Metafile- Microsoft file extension
CKL -----Compromised Key List
CCP -----Compte Cheque Postal (postal order)
CIX -----Compulink Information eXchange
CPN -----Compuserve Packet Network
CAD -----Computer Aided Design
CAQ -----Computer Aided Quality
CVG -----Computer and Video Games
CCO -----Computer Center Operator
CCZ -----Computer Club Zutphen
ICL -----computer company
CGD -----Computer Game Developer
CGI -----Computer Generated Imagery
CGX -----Computer Graphics
CGA -----Computer Graphics Adapter
CGW -----Computer Graphics World
CIG -----Computer Image Generator
CIL -----Computer Integration Laboratories
CJI -----Computer Jobs in Israel
CNC -----Computer Numerical Control
COM -----Computer Output on Microfilm
ADA -----computer programming language (after Ada Lovelace)
CRU -----Computer Resource Utilization
CSI -----Computer Service Index
CTI -----Computer Telephony Integration
CXE -----Computer to External Environments Interface
CUD -----Computer Underground Digest
CUC -----Computer Users Committee
CAI -----Computer-Aided Instruction
CAL -----Computer-Aided Learning
CAM -----Computer-Assisted Manufacture
CBL -----Computer-Based Learning
CBT -----Computer-Based Training
CAT -----Computerized Axial Tomography
CTM -----Computerized Tomographic Myelography
CZO -----Computerized Zoning Ordinance
CLR -----Computer-Language Recorder
CLT -----Computer-Language Translator
CHI -----Concentration Highway Interface
CRW -----Conceptual Recoilless Weapon
CUZ -----Conditional Use Zoning
CEZ -----Confederacion de Empresarios de Zaragosa
CBI -----Confederation of British Industry
CHJ -----Conference of Historical Journals
CFG -----Configuration
CFN -----Confine
CHL -----Confinement at Hard Labor
CDH -----Congenital Dislocation of the Hip
CHF -----Congestive Heart Failure
CJM -----Congregatio Jesu et Mariae (trans: the Congregation of Jesus and Mary
CBY -----Congregation Beth Yeshua
CKH -----Congregation Kol Halev
CFX -----Congregation of St.

XNZ -----Grist Mill Museum Library
XOA -----Experimental Observation Amphibian Aircraft
XOB -----Xanopinauta Oro de Brasilia
XOC -----Xterra Owners Club
XOD -----External Object Data
XOE -----Experimental Observation Cessna Aircraft
XOF -----Transmit OFf
XOG -----Expedition Owners Group
XOH -----Experimental Observation Helicopter
XOI -----eXplodes On Impact
XOJ -----Executive Office-Joint Matters
XOK -----Exokernel
XOL -----XML-based Ontology-exchange Language
XOM -----Open(X) Object Management
XON -----Transmitter On
XOO -----Extended Operational Optimisation
XOP -----X-rays Out of Plaster
XOQ -----Example of Order Query
XOR -----eXclusive OR (logic gate)
XOS -----eXperimental Operating System
XOT -----X.25 Over TCP
XOU -----Extra Output Unit
XOV -----Crossover Overview
XOW -----XML Output Writer
XOX -----Noughts and Crosses game (also OXO, XXO)
XOY -----Executive Officer Yeomanry
XOZ -----Extra Output Zero
XPA -----X-band Planar Array
XPB -----Xlib Playback Benchmark
XPC -----eXtended Processing Cabinet
XPD -----Cross Polar Discrimination
XPE -----Extreme Performance Enhancement
XPF -----Explosion-release Factor
XPG -----X.400 Promotion Group
XPH -----Explosion Hazard
XPI -----Extra Paranormal Investigation
XPJ -----Experimental Patrol North American Aircraft
XPK -----External Packer
XPL -----Explosive
XPM -----Cross-Phase Modulation
XPN -----Explosive-Neutralized
XPO -----Explosive-Optimized
XPP -----Express Paid Post
XPQ -----La Managua-Quepos, Costa Rica
XPR -----Ex-Privileges
XPS -----X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
XPT -----Cross Point
XPU -----X-band Pulse Unit
XPV -----Experimental Patrol Lockheed Aircraft
XPW -----Extreme Pro Wrestling
XPX -----Executive Physical Examination
XPY -----Experimental Patrol Consolidated Aircraft
XPZ -----Curriculum and Research Directorate
XQA -----XML Query Algebra
XQB -----Ex-Quarterback
XQC -----X-Ray Quantum Calorimeter
XQD -----Experimental Quality Determination
XQE -----XQuery Engine
XQF -----Express Quick Form
XQG -----Minnesota West Community and Technical College Library
XQH -----Excess Quantity Holdover
XQI -----XML Query Interface
XQJ -----Minnesota West Community and Technical College at Jackson Library
XQK -----Expansion of Quadratic Kernal
XQL -----XML Query Language
XQM -----Xmail Queue Manager
XQN -----XML Qualified Name
XQO -----XML Query Operation
XQP -----Extended QIO Processor
XQQ -----Airway Heights (Washington) Correctional Center Library
XQR -----Extended Query Record
XQS -----Experimental Query System
XQT -----SuperCalc Macro Sheet
XQU -----Unknown Quality Unit
XQV -----eXtra-Quiet Vehicle
XQW -----XML Document Management System
XQX -----XML Relational Database Interface
XQY -----Kettle Falls (Washington) Public Library
XQZ -----Excuse
XRA -----X-Ray Analysis
XRB -----X-Ray Background
XRC -----Extended Remote Collaboration
XRD -----X-Ray Diffraction
XRE -----X-Ray Event
XRF -----X ReFerence (axis reference point)
XRG -----Experimental Reentry Glider
XRH -----X-Ray Hazard
XRI -----X-Ray Image
XRJ -----Extreme Rain Jacket
XRK -----Experimental Transport Kinner Aircraft
XRL -----eXtended Range Lance
XRM -----X-Ray Microanalyser
XRN -----X-window News Reader
XRO -----X-Ray Optics
XRP -----X-Ray Photon
XRQ -----Experimental Transport Fairchild Aircraft
XRR -----X-Ray Reflectometer
XRS -----X-Ray Spectrometer
XRT -----eX RighTs (financial, without rights)
XRU -----X-Ray Unit
XRV -----X-Ray Vector
XRW -----X-Ray Warming
XRX -----X-Ray Experiment
XRY -----X-RaY
XRZ -----Extension of Reconnaissance Zone
XSA -----XML Software Autoupdate
XSB -----X-Sokobon
XSC -----Extensions for Scientific Computation
XSD -----eXtra Space Design
XSE -----Xray Scattering Energy
XSF -----Xavier Science Foundation
XSG -----Experimental Scout-Great Lakes
XSH -----XML Editing Shell
XSI -----Xray Shielding and Insulation
XSJ -----Ex-Society of Jesus
XSK -----Xilinx Student Kit
XSL -----eXstensible Stylesheet Language
XSM -----Xray Stress Management
XSN -----Xtended Stay Network
XSO -----Excess Speed Observed
XSP -----Xylem Sap Potential
XSQ -----eXtreme Spreadsheet Quality methodology
XSR -----Experimental Sports Roadster
XSS -----eXperimental Space Station
XST -----eXiST
XSU -----X-band Satellite Unit
XSV -----Transfer cost System Value
XSW -----X-band antenna SWitch
XSX -----mysterious subversive organisation, meaning not known
XSY -----Extended School Year
XSZ -----Xerox High Technology Company of Shenzhen
XTA -----Experimental Trainer-Air Cooled
XTB -----Experimental Torpedo Boeing Aircraft
XTC -----ie.