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Both Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley, and 1984, by George Orwell, portray such societies that have been degraded by the idea of ‘utopia'.

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Brave New World: Utopia or Dystopia

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These were powerfully liberating ideas that created the “New Negro” and gave black people in the United States and the world over the strength to face their oppressors with dignity and demand their freedom. New York was his Mecca and he had his greatest impact in the United States. One can argue that Marcus Garvey had as much impact on shaping the ideology of the modern liberation struggle in the black world influencing the ideas of black leaders such as Martin Luther King, Malcom X, and Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana. It’s no exaggeration to say that Garvey’s Pan-African philosophy influenced the ideology of the Nation of Islam and the Rastafari movements.

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Possibly the World State was attempting to commemorate certain approved historical figures (and perhaps also converting them to icons having little connection to historical reality, much as they did with "Our Ford").


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[Haiti] had grandly served the cause of universal human liberty. We should not forget that the freedom you and I enjoy today; that the freedom that eight hundred thousand colored people enjoy in the British West Indies; the freedom that has come to the colored race the world over, is largely due to the brave stand taken by the black sons of Haiti ninety years ago. When they struck for freedom, they built better than they knew. Their swords were not drawn and could not be drawn simply for themselves alone. They were linked and interlinked with their race, and striking for their freedom, they struck for the freedom of every black man in the world.

The word, "Czar" in this picture tells us all we need to know. The automakers were to have a "Czar" as were other parts of the economy in this "Brave New World" of the Fascist Economy.

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But, it does highlight the fact that our Illuminist government, the Secret Service then run by President George Bush (Sr.), was worried about some project that S.J. Games was up to, and cooked up a reason to invade their offices and confiscate their materials. We think, after you review these materials, you will believe, as do I, that the real reason the Secret Service invaded S.J. Games was to shut them down so they could not produce the game "Illuminati -- New World Order (INWO) Card Game, for it revealed too much of the plan that was still many years in the future.

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Steil has consistently argued that the dollar as a nation-state currency is outmoded, and that a regional currency should replace the dollar on the way to a one-world currency. 'Gold banks already exist that allow clients to make and receive digital gold payments – a form of electronic money, backed by gold in storage – around the globe', Steil wrote."